Thursday, May 31, 2012

i ♥ Everything Etsy...

i've been so excited to tell you this...
 guess what?!?
i was asked to be a regular contributor over at Everything Etsy!

Visit Everything Etsy!

i'm still pinching myself :)
Kim is so sweet, and her blog is fantastic! a huge inspiration to me, 
with tons of projects & ideas

...she's a seasoned blogger with lots of advice to offer if you're wanting to venture out into this crazy world of blogging/etsy...
speaking of etsy...i'm really working hard on stock for my shop 
and i just. can't. wait. to show you guys!
in the meantime, go check out this fun project ♥

 stay tuned 'cause I'll be posting there a couple times a month...
i can't even stand it i'm so excited :)

ps. come back tomorrow...i have some stuff to show you!
and then we can check a couple things off of my craft space to-do list!

pps. i'm having a bit of trouble with the rss in it's not working :(
i'm not sure why and i've done everything known to man (and to Mr. Google) to problem solve it 
any ideas other blogger girls? are any of you who follow by email actually getting new posts in an email?
let me know in the comments! much love ♥


  1. You are too sweet! Your new tutorial is beautiful! :) Thanks for being part of Everything Etsy.


  2. I love those! And i just got this in my e-mail....


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