it's quiet here ... ♥

my girls started school today ♥
it's quiet here :(
and i'm a bit mopey...

now that routine is again present in our lives :/
i am excited to share & make stuff with you more often :)
and with the Christmas right around the corner, i have tons to do...don't you??

have a wonderful Thursday ♥
and oh! Pick Your Plum is having a Fall Kickoff! with some crazy deals today...
so if you're a craft supply junkie like me, make sure to hop on over 
and sign up for their deal of the day! i can't wait to see what it is :)

be back soon!


  1. Oh! They are so darling-and off to school they go- xo Diana

  2. I hear you. It was so quiet when my girls started school. *sigh*
    Some quiet time is nice though...

  3. Such a sweet picture of your girls!! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

  4. Thankfully I still have one left at home. It is just so rude of these kids to grow up on us so fast!

  5. awww! They are beautiful, as always!! :)

  6. first of all, your girls are GORGEOUS! second, i was so bummed out the day my kids went back to. i dealt with it by making a trip to tj maxx (-:


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