wrappin up Wednesday no.2 ... ♥

it's Wednesday! let's do some shoppin' !!
everything in the store is 20% off
use the code WRAPPINUP20
ok, so i know i had high hopes of getting some Christmas stock in the store last week...
but as you can see, it's not in the store :(
but i'm working on it! and boy is it gonna be worth it 'cause some of this stuff is ca.ute. :):)
i'm really excited about the little kits of goodies... color coordinated wrapping supplies
and Christmas stuff! don't worry i'm working on 'em!
(you should see my craft room)
(as a matter a fact... here ya go)

(see ... i'm normal)
(shhhh ... don't tell anyone)

i promise to have the new listings up soon!
Happy Wrappin' !!


  1. Your dining room table makes me soo happy!! I thought I was the only one whose work area is a mess. It is organized for me but to the person walking in its a disaster. This is what the inside of my head looks like!!,

  2. this makes me feel good. thought i'm the only one.

  3. hi, I have to admit this does make me feel better... altho if i showed you my room you might be alarmed! xoxo


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