random stuff ... ♥

here's a few pretty things i found at Goodwill last week :)

my girls have claimed these as their new breakfast dishes ♥
they were $2 per set!

i just couldn't pass these up ... i'm a sucker for anything this pretty teal color
i hung them on a rod i have above my counter with some others i love

if you follow me on Instagram you already saw some of these snapshots
but i've been thinking on how i'm so thankful for my kitchen ...
sounds silly i know
but i really love my kitchen
and i'm grateful to my husband who listened to all the ideas i had
and fashioned it after my heart's desire

i especially love the little things ...
you know, the things that make it feel like home

since school starts in 2 days
my mind has been on getting back into the swing of things
on all the things i want to accomplish
on the holidays ...
 i know, the holidays, but guys ... 
so i'm determined to try and get ahead of the game this year
and i really wanted to start in August, so i'm already behind!
i stumbled upon this cute little blog
where she talks about a "September Sort-it"
and she made a list of 30 things she really wanted to get done in the next month
i was motivated to do the same 
but by the time i got to #20 i started to panic
so i stopped there and thought even if i get half of these done
i'll be happy :)

i just listed this in the shop too :)
it a cutie pie cloud garland hung from a tiny hanger (heehee :)

i'll be back this week with some more random stuff

♥ much love to you


  1. I think I was beginning to panic just reading your list of 20! I did tidy up my fabric stash yesterday though..one gold star to me!

  2. Oh my goodness, those dishes are all so ADORABLE! I wish I could bumped into pretties like that at my thrift stores! I love those colors too.. and I LOVE dandelions! :) Good find!

  3. Considering I am a list maker this is so very perfect. I love the idea of seeing progress. Best to you as you complete your sweet list. I am off to make mine. Love your sweet clouds...smiles...Renee

  4. This is a great idea! I am always making lists. Now, just to get something finally crossed off of them. :) I love those teal cups you found at Goodwill. Exactly the color I want to incorporate into my kitchen!

  5. I have both sets of the dishes - love them!!!

  6. Those cups are adorable, i can't believe you got them at goodwill!

    Jan @Door251.com

  7. Jamie-Your things are just darling. That set of dishes you show? I think it came in oatmeal or cereal in the 50's. I remember my Mom had a complete set and I am pretty sure it was a bonus with the product. I haven't seen it in years- very sweet! Have a great day- xo Diana

  8. Love it all! I am friends with Erin Grab. and found your site through her fb page. I love your etsy shop too!

    Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  9. Hello!! I am your latest follower! LOVE all your fun vintage treasures! I have that same set with the matching plates. :) Your Etsy shop is adorable! I look forward to reading about all your creative adventures! Blessings to you!!

  10. Jaime, that teal is my favorite color and I love the smooth, shiny insides of the cups.
    Blessing hugs,

  11. My chest started hurting when I read your list! Ha! Seriously.
    Ok, for real though, I need to get my rear in gear for the holidays! I am such a bad procrasinator! Thanks for sharing the tip. I am off to check out her blog. :)
    Cute dishes! My girls would be all over them too!

  12. I love thrift shops! You found some cute treasures.

  13. What wonderful finds! And sweet clouds too! Have a happy day! xo Holly

  14. What a sweet set and love your mini chalkboard!! Those clouds are too cute!! Oh, how fast the Holidays come!! xo Heather

  15. You never cease to amaze me! That cloud garland is too cute! Xoxo

  16. The dishes are very pretty. I would have snatched them up, too. =)

  17. Jaime, I love your vintage dishes. They take me back in time.:):) Smiles, Susie

  18. Jaime, I'm totally IN LOVE with your handwriting! I had to look closely to see if you had used a font or not in your picture. Wow. That's really you, huh? Well, I see that others are loving your dishes and your list, but I'm sayin your beautiful handwriting wins for me! Love your happy blog!

  19. The dish sets are fab! I'd love for you to come join my thrifty love link party some time. It's every Friday on the blog.

  20. I am freaking out over the dishes! They are amazing! I have never seen that style of white milk glass before. Just beautiful. And I love your to do list!

  21. Hi Jaime! Remember when I commented and was drooling over these pretty dishes you found?!?!?! I found the exact same pretty blue/mint flower cups today at my thrift store! They came with the plates too!! 3 cups, 3 plates for a total of $4.50! Score! Love them!!! :) Just thought I would share my excitement with someone who I knew would understand that kind of excitement! :) :)


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