Insta ♥ Friday

i'm lovin' Instagram lately ...
i started out just taking a few pictures here & there
then i was hooked 'cause it's just plain fun :)
i've been following Lindsey's blog, the Pleated Poppy, for the longest time
every Friday she posts her pics from Instagram, as a part of Life Rearranged's linky party

so i thought i'd give it a whirl
{are you on Instagram? leave your user in the comments so i can follow you!}

life rearranged

i happily replenished my yarn stash last weekend ... it's so hard to choose just some ♥

had tons of fun this week making the wrapping kits for the store!
what do you think about the red & aqua dressy lady tags?? yay - nay?
haven't decided if i like them a ton or not

i really did work on a 12 month meal plan this week ... not done yet but getting there
it's definitely a process ... i hope to share my system & printables for the new year ♥

still reading Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst ... i can't help but go over some of the chapters twice
there's tons of info in each one that i so need to retain 

this is a picture of crafter's block
it's one of those projects you can see in your head, but for some reason in real life it's not looking the same ... ? it's a fall door hanging ...
{i don't want to call it a wreath 'cause it's not a wreath} 
for my front door and for some reason i just can't get my fall mojo goin'
maybe because i'm having so much fun making new goodies for Christmas?

much loves to you today ♥


  1. Love the tags! Great idea! I haven't tried Instagram yet. :-(

  2. I just got on instagram, my name is notinjersey!

  3. I recently became obsessed too! I'm @cubbiesandnooks

  4. I just found you through Insta Friday! Your shop is full of loveliness! I love Instagram too... I'm using it as a way to document our days and make a family yearbook at the end of the year! I'm@ candacescalling! Have a great weekend!

  5. Sweet photos!! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

  6. Visiting from Life Rearranged! Your yarn photo drew me in! I just finished reading 'Unglued' this week. I want to go back through and write all the Bible verses she had in the book. I would love to memorize all those verses for when those unglued moments rear their ugly head. Instagram is so much fun! I am @kymk99

    1. great idea Yvonne! i need to be more intentional about memorizing the passages, not just studying them ... thanks for the visit! ♥

  7. All of your instagrams make me smile :) I really love everything you make and those girly tags are no exception. They may not be Christmassy, but still super adorable. Perhaps some ruffly Xmas tree ones are in order :)

  8. I've just gotten into Instagram, mainly because I only have an older iPod, so I have to download my pics from my computer to my iPod, then use Instagram . . . yada, yada, yada . . . but I do love it! I am bygrace3.

  9. Jaime...I have been reading unglued as well....Amazing how much I see in it that are my own issues. Between this lovely book and Stormie Omartian I have been able to find comfort in His words. Love instagram and especially love to see my daughter delight in it as well...

  10. I love love love those dressy lady tags!!!! I'm glad to hear you like the book!! its on my Christmas list ;)~MAr


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