Celebrating Christmas with a Jesse Tree ... ♥

my littles were sick last week
and everything slowed down here
but i managed to finish this advent calendar that I wanted to share with you
so tuck this idea away somewhere on a Pinterest board and save it for next year :)

focusing on what Christmas really means can get lost in the shuffle of holiday prep
i like the idea behind the Jesse Tree, which is to travel through Old Testament history eventually leading up to the birth of Christ on the last day, the 25th ... each ornament has a picture that symbolizes each of the stories

the printables to make these ornaments are from the here 
... or you can make your own with some clip art
that's how i did the numbers for the outside of the kraft envelopes that i found at Michael's
then used a circle punch to punch them out
simple number stickers would work just as well

I bought a bunch of penny candy and slipped two pieces into little glassine bags

tucked behind each envelope for that day is the little bag of treats sealed with washi tape
some of the Jesse Trees on Pinterest were made from wood or felt ... 
we just decided to put them up on our big tree :)

Do you celebrate with a Jesse Tree?
Be back soon ... much love ♥
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  1. They look lovely hanging on your tree. I made a 'tree' from a huge green fabric triangle, and it is in the entrance hall of our home.
    I love thinking about all the wonderful promises of the Old Testament fulfilled in Jesus

    Advent blessings xx

  2. We actually have a wooden house w/doors for advent -- but I LOVE this sweet idea. Maybe I'll tuck it away and make it/give it as a gift next year! So sweet!

  3. Those are cute!! :) Hope everyone is feeling a little better! Wishing you Christmas Joy! xo Holly

  4. I love this. I can see doing this with my kids when they are little older. I liked it so much I put the link to it on my blog.

  5. So sweet!! Thanks for sharing!! have a lovely day! xo Heather

  6. Those are just so cute- something fun for the kids to make- Love the idea! xo Diana

  7. Jesse Trees are great! Hanging a new ornament each day, reading the corresponding scripture. Visit my Etsy shop to see photos of the felt sets I make (Pink Scissors Design). Jesse Trees are such a great teaching tool and a wonderful way to keep Christ the center focus of Christmas.

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