i ♥ Everything Etsy...

i've been so excited to tell you this...
 guess what?!?
i was asked to be a regular contributor over at Everything Etsy!

Visit Everything Etsy!

i'm still pinching myself :)
Kim is so sweet, and her blog is fantastic! a huge inspiration to me, 
with tons of projects & ideas

...she's a seasoned blogger with lots of advice to offer if you're wanting to venture out into this crazy world of blogging/etsy...
speaking of etsy...i'm really working hard on stock for my shop 
and i just. can't. wait. to show you guys!
in the meantime, go check out this fun project ♥

 stay tuned 'cause I'll be posting there a couple times a month...
i can't even stand it i'm so excited :)

ps. come back tomorrow...i have some stuff to show you!
and then we can check a couple things off of my craft space to-do list!

pps. i'm having a bit of trouble with the rss feed...as in it's not working :(
i'm not sure why and i've done everything known to man (and to Mr. Google) to problem solve it 
any ideas other blogger girls? are any of you who follow by email actually getting new posts in an email?
let me know in the comments! much love ♥

do it yourself! upholstered ceiling medallion

i'm so thankful for all you guys ♥
i'm so so happy you liked my master bedroom!
now stay tuned for more "fun" projects in this room
(ya know, like the crafty stuff :)

just wanted to pop into your day 
and tell you how i made the ceiling medallion for the chandy in my bedroom :)
it's easy & cheap...and fun!

now bear with me on the crazy pictures...
i took them last year when we were in the middle of remodeling...well...a lot of stuff 
it was before my craft space & big table were even a thought (can you even imagine? :)

the idea started with an old mirror my aunt gave to me...
then i broke it
then i held on to the frame for like...2 years
i knew i'd come up with somethin' for it :)

i started by painting it white ( i ♥ white)
(i paint almost everything white)
(much to my husband's dismay..he's a leave wood alone kinda guy)
(no fun!!)

it's funny looking at these pictures...
we remodeled the kitchen last year...so they seem like so long ago

this is what the island looks like now ♥
(just had to show ya!...i'll post more pics soon)

this is 1/4in. plywood
we laid the frame on a the whole sheet, 
traced the inside of the frame to get this back piece 
then measured and cut out the middle based on the size of the metal plate from the fixture

add as much or as little batting as your heart desires
i just wanted a little for fluffiness :)
i cut it the same shape as the plywood

i don't remember what this material was called
but it's very slippery & hangs nicely...maybe a satin-ish something or other?
the yardage amount would also be based on the size of your frame
take one side of the fabric and lay it out around the outer edge of the plywood & batting
 to see how much you would need to ruffle...
then whatever the measurement is, double it for a full ruffle
if you want it fuller and tighter do double and then some 

so this is kinda what you should  have goin' on
again...with it ruffled now...lay it out around that outer edge
you'll have a huge pile of excess in the middle

put your frame back on top

flip the whole thing over
(it helps to have some extra hands here...trying to keep the layout of the fabric in tact)
staple that outer edge onto the back of the plywood...
(this picture is a few steps ahead, but just to give you an idea)

once the outer edge is secure, bring the excess through the middle 

pretty easy right? the plywood should fit into the frame nice and snug with all the extra padding...
my hubby connected the fixture with the wiring in the ceiling and secured the frame with small nails from a nail gun into the ceiling (into studs :) 
(he's obsessed with putting stuff in studs) 
(why? i have no idea...it's just a light hanging over our heads at night...no big deal)

i get excited thinking about doing this with even small size frames for any hanging light fixtures
lot's of possibilities!

i hope this was easy to understand...if there are any questions...please ask!

much loves

sweet parties...♥

craft table plans & water ♥

hello wednesday ♥

for those who wanted the craft table plans
i put them on the ♥ make page...up in the navigation tabs
they are simple, handwritten plans :)
we might be crazy, but we're no professional plan makers
(maybe someday i will type them up in an official document)
(but who knows when that would be...)
(and i didn't want to make you wait till -who knows when that would be :)
(plus i'd rather make stuff)
(for my problem with parenthesis...see here)
(and check out my new pics too! while you're there)

got all that? :)

i really do love spring...
even though we have funky weather in upstate NY

pretty aren't they?
well they didn't look like this when they arrived home yesterday 
when Paige pulled them out of her backpack 
(Paige is 9)
girls...lemme tell ya what she brings home...
snails (in baggies) (yes, snails) (yes, in her backpack), wild onions, rocks of any kind, 
nasty-germ infested slime in a container that she's probably traded some very nice toy for...
she never ceases to amaze me with the wonders that survive the bus ride home
the words 
" guess what i have?! "
immediately put me in a -karate chop/aim for the garbage- stance
these little purple pretties came out of the black hole of wonder lookin' like limp noodles

" i picked these for you mommy, in the field at school "
" when did you pick them? "
" at lunch "
it was now going on 3:40

i told her i would put them in water and we'd wait to see what would happen
shame on my doubt...i was positive 3 hours, plus a 30 minute bus ride home 
had done these guys in

i was wrong
so often we miss the lessons from His creation that mirror the daily struggles in our own lives...after all, it's His creation, He made it...there is so much to learn from it

on the days when life's got you beat up feelin' like you've been stuffed in a backpack all day parched & motion sick from a bus ride home...
go to the Water

here's a peek at my kitchen windowsill 
it's one of my favorite places in the house
(maybe cause i spend so much time there doin' dishes)

it's my little "thinking place" 
often home to a couple of 3x5 cards ...with stuff i want to remember or think on
our church has been doing a series on the family
last week pointed out what i already know but so very much needed to hear again 
the needs of a husband & wife and how they are so different
over time things dull...i forget...then God reminds me that i need to remember :)

i found the little ledge/shelf thingy at Goodwill 
i just painted it white, now it's home to anything i don't forget to water
(hubby secretly keeps things alive for me...
he's always asking if i watered something or other)

i'd like to show you my kitchen soon...i think you'll like it :)

much love...

a once upon a time master bedroom remodel ♥

hi ♥ how are ya?
as i was writing this post i realized that i'm really bad at tying up loose ends...
are you?
i'm super ambitious about starting new projects...i totally over do it...then i'm burnt out
i want to be more simple

and i think over the course of this past year, that's really changed for me :)
i'm learning how to use my time for the things that are important
i'm learning how important it is to stay on top of things
meal planning, cleaning, laundry, filing...
if i just take the time to maintain those things, then i'm not staring at a huge pile of paper to shred, or maybe a meal that's not be started and it's going on 6:30 (yikes)
(i'm a really bad procrastinator too)

so in an effort to keep my self disciplined and stay on top of things, I wanted to show you some more of the love i put into our home...then have you hold me accountable for the "loose ends" 
that are still waiting for me to get busy!

this is a sweet little tour of our master bedroom that we worked on last year...i wanted to make it a resting place for both of us...quiet & romantic :)
so often the little things in marriage are lost in the busyness of life or the raising of our kids...
those little things are the things i wanted to capture in this room
(even if it's when you're completely exhausted 
and you can barley keep your eyes open to enjoy them)
come on in and see ♥

the previous owners did us a wonderful favor 
by installing beautiful hardwoods throughout the house 
it was much easier to plan the renovation 
without having to worry about tearing anything up!

this is the room when we purchased the house 6 years ago...

the chandy is from Home Depot...the ceiling medallion was made from an old mirror frame and some batting & fabric...i want to share how i did it with you soon :)

this dresser was a goodwill find

here it was waiting to be helped :) i got it for 39.99 folks...

spray paint + lace + hardware = ♥

 hubs built this simple frame and covered it with radiator metal 
as a way to camoflauge the satellite box and still have the remote signal work
is anyone interested in instructions for this?
i'm sure he has plans...if i didn't lose them :)
it still needs something on top of it to sort of help it blend in...
i'm searching for old books at yard sales
maybe some white vases next to it too?

take a peek around this corner...it's all things pretty ♥

found the desk at a yard sale for $10 the stool too...but that still needs to be recovered
i have the lace to make a skirt around the bottom of the desk, 
to look more fancy instead of office-ish

the spider hook for the scarves is from Hobby Lobby

 these window treatments & most of the pillows were made with vintage hankies and linens that were thrifted or given to me (by family who knows i like old stuff :)

these white lamps? used to be this:

the major renovation done to this room (building wise) was the board & batten wall behind the bed, hubs added crown molding to act as a shelf to hold frames & candles ♥

now that pretty dresser from before...well that's mine
this is my hubs and it need something  above it...
thinking it's going to involve maps :)

 just a few details...

MasterBed To-Do List:

map art above dresser
line dresser drawers
some sort of lace added to corners of canopy
pearl tie backs for canopy panels
recover stool & make skirt for vanity

thanks  for spending some time with me! 
i hopefully with have the craft table plans up soon 
along with some new photos on my ♥about page
come back and check it out! 

much loves to you
sweet parties here ... ♥

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