yay! Funky Junk! ... ♥

I'm so excited you guys!

I was featured on FJI

sweeter than sweetness Donna from Funky Junk Interiors featured my craft space!
i'm smiling huge ... really big :):)
she's such a sweet lady, and an amazing blogger to glean so much knowledge from
thanks a ton of huge-ness Donna!
go take a peek ... and there's so much to feast your eyes on there!
have fun ♥
much love...

a yardstick flag tutorial... ♥

i'm really excited to share this project with you!
it's really neat, and something new...

this came to me late at night a couple weeks ago
(probably when i ate too many whales)
(i'm addicted to these things guys)
(thanks to my cousin :)

this is super easy to make
the only thing my hubby did for me, was cut the yardsticks in half
and he drilled the holes too
(even though he has taught me to do both of those things myself)
(i just don't jump at the chance to use "big man" tools)
(i'll stick with a glue gun & corner rounder :)
but girls! i know the guys at Home Depot will cut stuff for you...just ask!
the rest is cake ...

i just have a special place in my ♥ for yardsticks
i built these crates last year 

and ever since then, i'm sweet on yardsticks ...
so i know my yardsticks guys...
i know Home Depots are orange (blah)
Lowe's are navy blue (yay!) 
(these are the ones i like to buy at 69 cents each)
and Walmart's are a really pretty light blue (cuteness)
but beware, they are much thinner and not always straight ...
(right? a crooked yardstick is not really a good thing)

for this project i stuck with my fav's ~ Lowe's since they are the thickest
and since the numbers & lines printed on the sticks are a little indented
helping them have that "whitewashed" look 

nuf talkin'  ...  come on! let's make stuff ♥

what you need
♥ 3 yardsticks
♥ small screw eyes (see picture below)
♥ white acrylic paint
♥ Mod Podge
♥ pretty scrapbook paper
♥ fabric strips, lace, twine, ribbon 
♥ mini clothespins
(or whatever your heart fancies :) 

we used the chop saw to cut the yardsticks in half ~ right at 18 inches

mark the point where you will screw all the eyes in ...
they should be all in the same place on every yardstick
ours were about a 1/3 of the way in from each side

drill the holes carefully! hubs used his very teeny smallest drill bit
don't forget on each end ... top & bottom

using white acrylic paint, i brushed it on moderately
then with a rag i wiped it off
(the left side is after i wiped off the excess)

last thing before the pretty part
is to screw those eyes into the holes you drilled 

now the pretty part ♥
cut strips from your scrapbook paper just wide enough to cover the bottom half of the yardstick ... 
we don't wanna hide those cute numbers & lines
use the Mod Podge to adhere them in the sections where the "stars & stripes" would be

i used strips of white muslin, lace and more lace ♥
... thread them through the holes of the screw eyes
attaching all the yardsticks one underneath the other

last thing was to punch small stars out of brown kraft paper ~ clip them inside of the tiny clothespins, stuck on with hot glue 

so pretty ... no?!?!
i love this so much ♥
it's hanging right inside my foyer 
with this little vignette shelf i got at a garage sale last weekend for $5 
(chipper chicken ... any FOTB fans out there? heehee:)

Happy 4th of July all !!
i'm going to enjoy my family and be thankful for our freedom and our country

Image 1

much loves ♥
sweet parties ... ♥

thank you ♥

Thanks so much Remodelaholic
For featuring my Master Bedroom Remodel !

Go take a peek! but make a cup of tea...'cause you'll be there a while :)
lotsa love Remodelaholic ! a huge thanks too :)

come back soon, k?
i have a 4th of July project that i wanna make with ya ♥

simple snow cone stand ... ♥

hey all!
i wanted to share this project with you...
just in time for the holiday weekend and for summer!

one of the things on our summer list has always been to do a lemonade stand
my aunts have a garage sale every summer that gets quite a lot of traffic
so this year we set up shop
and instead of lemonade...we did snow cones!
i had all the supplies on hand already
 so it was easier than buying 40 lemons to make lemonade :)

now, we happen to have a lot of scrap lumber, craft supplies 
and numerous items waiting to be spray painted layin' around
so if you're not a sort-of garage sale stuff hoarder like me
...you might have to get a little creative with your supplies :):)
lemme give you a run-down of the stuff i used 
and how i jerry-rigged (is that a word?) everything together
spray paint some cookie sheets & old trays to use as menus
some chalkboard paint, clalkboard makers, ribbon and hot glue came in handy here too!

 the little blue table was a yard sale find...just waiting for something good :)
the red supports to hold the bunting & the little awning thing, was put together by the hubs
totally on the fly...2 pieces of 2x2 put together 
one piece to wedge underneath the lip of the table, the other was at the desired height 
with cup hooks screwed in at the top for the bunting

 this is where the "jerry" and the "rigged" came into play :)
(i take total responsibility for this part...my hubby is not a fan of either of those words 
...especially when put together :) he's a by the book kinda guy
...i'm a fly by the seat of my pants-let's build a snow cone stand at midnight! kinda girl)
i cut both a piece of sturdy cardboard, long enough to go across the top of the stand,
and a piece of fabric that would cover the majority of the table top
then hot glued each end of the fabric to half of a yardstick
laid the fabric piece over the cardboard
and nailed both layers to the top of the wood pieces

(i warned you ... jerry-rigged)

hopefully these pictures will help :)

 another cup hook for the chalkboard menu
some supplies...

and some snacks...

 according to my daughter...snacks are the source of all life force
with out them, we would be doomed
she's even got a bag of cheez-its stashed in case of a snack emergency

the girls had such a fun time serving customers
and they made over $30!! 
which had them so excited...i think it will be something they do every summer
they had fun eating them too :)

i have another 4th of July project i want to do with you guys this week!
so maybe my kitchen pics are on hold :)
much love

sweet parties ... ♥

all craftiness aside ... ♥

it's been a whirlwind of activity around here :)
yesterday was the official first day of summer!
and on Friday my little girl graduated from Kindergarten...sniff

i feel sad (and old) 
sad because she's not a "little kid" anymore
she's a big 1st grader...ya know?...once they move on to the number grades
they're not "little kids" anymore...they're now just "kids" :)
and to seal the deal ~ a few weeks ago, she got glasses...

i couldn't stop looking at her, and thinking how fast she was changing before my eyes...

here's a little something for you ... just a reminder
especially since it's summer time :) to enjoy your family, enjoy relationships
cause really, that's the only thing we can take with us when life here is over ♥

click on the image to download ... enjoy ♥
(vintage graphics courtesy of the Graphics Fairy)
(i just love her)

i'm still knee deep in etsy shop production
but i hope to show you a few other things this week...
a peek into my kitchen & a small project!

much loves to you
sweet parties ... ♥

what a feature ...♥

wow ♥ wow ♥ wow
I am so honored today!
 to have my craft space featured over at i heart organizing!
i have followed Jen's blog for a loooong time :) 
and have gained a ton of inspiration from her super star organizing ideas...
go on over and check it out!
thanks Jen!!
oh! ps.! since you're here check out my patriotic clothespin wreath tutorial ♥
with Kim over at Everything Etsy...
it's too. stinkin. fun.  !!!

some label love ... ♥

happy Tuesday! ♥
this is the last week of school for my girls
we can't wait 'till summer vacation officially starts!
i see all these neat ideas on Pinterest for summer fun ... then ... i forget 
 outta sight...outta mind
this way all those ideas are in one spot...quick & easy access
the girls & i are really excited about some of them!

so now that the shades in my craft space are done, let's label, label, label stuff!
then i can check another to-do off the list :)

for the small canvas bins, i found these brackets at Joanns
...from Tim Holtz (i love the vintage look of his stuff)

 a little spray paint and presto...pretty 
the little brads come in the package... they push right through the canvas and hold the hardware quite nicely :)

wow! doesn't it make a big difference?
 (well, ok to me it does cause i stare at these a lot)

for the little blue baskets I used mini chalkboards (from Joanns too :)
and a clothespin to clip them on ~ i use chalkboard markers like these
(spruce up your clothespins with a little paper &  Mod Podge!)

painted wooden numbers on the large canvas bins were sewn on 
with a large tapestry needle and some chunky yarn

all done ♥

a couple other ideas...
i wanted to show you what's lives on the top of my island

 these are the supplies & tools that get the most use
i wanted to make them easily accessible when i'm working on different projects

the big white bowl in the middle is for garbage

tea cups, mason jars & copper jello molds are great for all the little things ♥

i'm still learning to think outside the box for storage or organization ideas...
sometimes when you mix & match things together, it makes it all the more your own
... i found all of the pedestal dished at garage sales ♥ 
no more than a one or two dollars each :)

thanks for stopping by!
with gladness in my ♥
some sweet parties ♥ ...

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