pretties ... ♥

just poppin' in to share what i got in my mailbox yesterday :)

some pretties from one of my most favorite etsy shops ♥
has a wonderful eye for vintage, yet classic handmade jewlery
i want two of everything for my littles :)

the day my shop opened i told the hubs that the first thing i would buy with 
my earnings was a piece from her store, and i had a hard time deciding on just one thing!
so i'll have to go back and look at everything again :)

take a peek at her store ... you'll be glad you did 

... with gladness in my ♥

pom pom apple garland ... ♥

here's a cute project to make during these back to school days ♥
it's simple ... come on, let's make stuff :)

a few things you need ...

pom pom makers are the funnest (not a word i know) things to have
oh i know you don't need them to make pom poms 
but they make it a little easier :)
the medium size was used for these pom poms
they're made by Clover and we got ours at Joanns and i've seen them at Walmart too
they have a few different sizes, one of them is huge
and would make an apple pom pom the size of ... well ... an apple :)
there's even a heart shaped pom pom maker! can you imagine??
(not 'cause i like hearts or anything)

since the instructions on the back of the package are basic
i thought i'd give you a few pictures of the process

first wind the yarn of your choice around both sections of the pom pom device :)
don't worry about the ends, they will blend in when you trim at the end

close both ends together and then cut with sharp pointed scissors 
through the thickness of the yarn

take a separate piece of yarn and wrap it around the groove that is now exposed
loop the ends through each other a few times to make sure the pom pom doesn't get loose

open both ends and open up the pom pom maker
pom poms! make lots now :)

they will need some trimming to give them a round shape
don't worry, it's hard to mess this up 
(unless you're blind folded :)

all done ... fun! now let's make garland

to make the stems use wire snips to cut the pencils
(you can still use the bottom of the pencils
you just can't make any mistakes when you write with them :)

cut some leaves out of green felt
hot glue the pencil tops & the leaves inside the pom pom 
pressing the yarn around it to hide the base

to string them, i used jute that was a more on the stiff side 
(from the jewlery section at the craft store)
just so the apples wouldn't be top heavy and slouch over

hot glue the jute onto the backside of the pencil more towards the base
you want the apple to hang from the pencil not the pom pom

you can cut strips of felt or material to tie between the apples
these polka dot scraps were leftover from the pony houses i made here :)

hang it somewhere and enjoy the cuteness ♥

happy weekend & much love 

linking up here ♥ :

linking up here:

thank you ... ♥

what a week it's been
i just wanted to pop in and say thank you so so so much
for all the love & support on monday when i opened up shop

and it was a great day!
i had sales and lots of love from the giveaway!
the very happy winners were

♥ Pam & Linda ♥

yay ladies! congratulations!
i hope you love your pretty packages...

for hosting the giveaway ... it was super fun!
we'll have to do another one sometime soon :)

my first batch of orders that i brought to the post office today ♥

a peek inside one of the packages :)

be back in a couple days with a cute back to school decor project :)
(and after i catch up on some sleep!)

love to you all ... thanks so much

psalm. four. seven.

a little Sugar 'n Spice & a giveaway too! ... ♥

it's here!
this day has finally arrived :)

and i'm so blessed by a friend with such sweetness in her soul
(i know right?! FPTFY!?!?)
(pinch me now)

is hosting a giveaway to celebrate the opening of my new shop!

two lovely readers will win a box full of paper goods & pretties for the crafty in you!
here's what you'll find in your mailbox if you do ...
and i hope it's love at first sight girls :)

now hurry hurry! 
and have fun browsing around the new shop ...
i can't wait to send you guys stuff!!

with soooooo much gladness in my ♥ today

take-a-long pony house ... ♥

we are obsessed
with what you ask?
mason jars?

my little ponies
that's what i said.
my little ponies 

yes ... these cutie patootie ponies!
from top left ...
rareity ~ rainbow dash ~ pinkie pie ~ apple jack ~ twilight sparkle ~ fluttershy
(it's way cuter when it's a little girl, with a little girl voice who's telling you all their names :)
have all become official members of our household
aren't they so cute!?
(ok, i'm totally reliving my childhood)

so, it all started a couple weeks ago 
when my girlfriend and her 2 girls came over for a play date
and they brought their my little ponies ...
 besides lovin' the my little pony cartoon
they wanted to use some of their "spending money" on ponies...oy

we're even going to a my little pony birthday party this weekend 
(yes it's for the little girl who started this whole thing :)
so i decided to make a house for my girls to keep their ponies in 
and make another for the upcoming party 
(could i have said ponies one. more. time.)

i started off with an unfinished box from Hobby Lobby

and a few things

plus some more stuff as i went along :)

i used scrapbook paper & mod podge to cover the box
then finished off the seams with bias tape

lace trim around the opening with some buttons just makes it more girlie :)

using some clipart and tracing paper i made a horse cameo on the front of the box

added some embellishment :)

on the back, i wove some ribbon through these little wooden fences i found at Joann's 

glued the ends and used a small clothespin to secure the "gate"

they can open and close it when the ponies want to play in the pasture :)

the inside is so fun!
a little printed felt (also from HL)
some scraps of ribbon, lace and burlap made up the buntings, rosettes and the little circle rug
(see how i make the rosettes here)

these are the stowaways in the little basket for the birthday girl ♥

this is the first house i made for my girls
it was much more fun the second time around when i had everything figured out :)

love handmade toys ... don't you? ♥

i'm hoping to have one of these pony houses in the shop on Monday for the grand opening

don't forget to come back Monday for the giveaway 
and to check out all the cuteness in my etsy shop
it's gonna be a fun fun day!
can't wait!

much love ♥
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diy laundry canvas art ... ♥

hey all!
today i'm posting over at Everything Etsy
head on over and take a peek at this fun and easy Target knock-off project :)

i can't thank you all enough for the sweet words & kindness you've all poured on me about my etsy shop! i'm so blessed ... and golly gee i'm so stinkin' excited!!

i'm scramblin' to get everything done :) 
and since i can't sleep due to OCD overload, i've been crafting till all hours of the night!
(i'm sure the coffee's not helping either)

hopefully i'll be back before Monday to share this super cute project 
i've been working on for my girls 

much love to you today ♥

it's a date ♥ ...

it's about time...
i can stop talkin' 
a little Sugar 'n Spice is finally opening next Monday!
♥ August 20th ♥

what have i been makin' all this time you ask??

here's a sneak peek at what's in the shop!
i'm sooooo excited to show you guys :)

vintage fabric tape ♥

bags of sweetness, vintage trims ♥

packaging & wrapping supplies ♥

crocheted goods ♥

and there's more cuteness where that came from! that's not everything :)
so what do ya think? was it worth the wait?!!?!?!?!

i made up a few thank you boxes for a few special ladies who i am so grateful for
they have been a blessing to me while helping to make this dream of mine come true
i shipped them out over the weekend ... yay happy mail! :)

that's not all!!
i have two more just waiting to be mailed to a new home!
come back Monday, August 20th, to find out how to enter :)

two goodie boxes full of this:

 = a giveaway!

you all have put gladness in my ♥

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