wrappin' up Wednesday & some big news! ... ♥

i've been scarce this past week in the bloggy world 
but it's been a happy scarce  :)


{last week was the only time the Lamaze classes i took when i was pregnant came in handy}
{i might have caused a scene in Chipoltle while eating lunch with my hubby}

i've been so excited to share this with you guys!
WHAT A DREAM ... right?!?
and they are coming next week! like in 6 days, next week!
{my to-do list is for a person who has 6 months to prepare}

some new things

some painted things

things to sew & finish hanging

and things to put away!
{this is all stock from the store! it had slowly taken over the room without me knowing}
{that's a good thing though :)}

so please excuse my absence
and it won't be for long ... just till next week
{while i run around spray painting things that i didn't know i needed to spray paint}

and i plan on taking lots of behind the scenes pictures of the whole thing so so i can share it with you! 
... the issue comes out in February :)

loves ♥
oh and if you want to use the coupon code in the shop
it's good for today!

wrappin' up Wednesday no.4 & some muffins... ♥

i made sour cream chocolate chip muffins this morning

at 6am.

now don't get me wrong
i'm not that woman who's up at the crack a dawn 
baking bread for the family's daily consumption ... 


but i would like to be
not really the baking bread part, but the happy early riser part
i've been feeling a tug on my heart lately to wake up earlier ... to be happier when i get my girls outta bed, to not walk around in a fog for an hour while trying to figure out how i'm going to fit oddly shaped lunch items such as green beans and cheese into a kitty cat bento box ...  i want to be cheerful and have a happy heart ... and i'm realizing that i need to get up early ... have some quiet time before i interact with my family, and not after they're all gone for the day and i've had 2 melt downs over dirty gym clothes and forgotten socks

i'm not totally there yet, but i'm moving in the right direction

"...to exchange whispers with God 
before I exchange shouts with the world"
~Lysa TerKeurst

then i read this verse in Proverbs the other day that made me laugh out loud
" how long will you lie there...when will you get up from your sleep? "
proverbs six.nine

ok ok ... got it ... i'm up 


i wrote it out and clipped it onto my message board in the kitchen
a reminder that God certainly does have a sense of humor ...

oh and the muffins were yummy! recipe is here
from my ♥bake board on Pinterest
do you follow me on Pinterest yet? why not!?

don't forget to use the coupon code in the store today
if you plan to do some shopping :)

Happy Wednesday♥

thanksgiving heart art ... ♥

i am so thankful for you guys
always leaving me the sweetest comments
and the nicest compliments
you make me wanna do a happy dance
(i do like to dance :)

i feel so very blessed everyday to be living out these little dreams of mine ♥
and you all make it so much more enjoyable than it already is ...
so let's do a happy dance together
let's make something instead :)

here's another fall project idea that was stuck in my head for a while
i dig the paint chip art that's all over blog land
thought i'd throw my spin on the whole idea :)

come on! let's make stuff :)

all you need are a few of my favorite things ♥
(or a few of your favorite things)

i used rub-on transfers since i had them layin' around
printing out the words in a pretty font on heavy card-stock would work just as well

i used another one of my loopey frames :)
this one was an 8 x 10
i taped twine to each end of the paper and used the mini's 
to clip the hearts to the "clothesline"
 ... space them as you please or use pretty colors!

here's a quick shot of a little vignette in my entryway
it's still a work in progress ... i want to hang the chalkboard and change it up a bit

tomorrow is wrappin' up Wednesday :)
(and i think it's actually Wednesday)
(tomorrow that is)

loves to you ♥
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Insta ♥ Monday

hope all had a wonderful weekend
mine flew by...
since i was a day behind last week, 
i figured it was only fitting to post Insta Friday on Monday
(besides i had a cute wreath tute to share with you guys on Friday
and that's way more fun...)

last week was full of sweetness ♥

i got happy mail from here
have i told you how much i love pretty packages? :)

what was inside made me do a happy dance

salted caramel mocha & pumpkin scone
(this was my treat while my family got ice cream ... i'm not an ice cream girl)

my pretty little (not so little now) ready for church

creamy grape dessert
newset / yummiest recipe that i found on Pinterest from here

pretty pretties from the shop

had fun with a custom order this week ♥

flowers ... just 'cause from the honey ♥

his 'n hers coffee date
(just realizing that i have 2 pics this week that involve starbucks
and we are soooo not Starbucks people ... you can find us at Tim Hortons all of the time :)
(unless the honey is at work, then it's DD :)

sad face me :(
it was a blah & rainy day, and i had so much to do but couldn't get a move on
just wandered around
know those days??

be back with another fall project ♥
linkin' up ...

life rearranged

neutral fall wreath ... ♥

One of the things i love about NY is our Autumn season
it's my favorite time of the year weather wise
(as long as we don't get any early snow storms)

and i've been slowly (very slowly) working on a little bit of fall decorating 
i am anything but traditional when it comes to holiday decorating ...
i love using neutral colors, so that it's easy to add pops of colors here or there 
without everything looking too "theme-ish" ...know what i mean??

so i'm lovin' the burlap/white combo on this wreath i made for my front door :)
(i'm calling this a wreath, even though i said i wouldn't)
(but now i am, 'cause well, i guess if it's hanging on the front door
you can call it a wreath, even though technically, it's not)

moving on...

here's how you make one of your own ♥

i started out by tracing a pretty scalloped frame shape onto brown paper
cut it out then traced that shape with a sharpie onto a large sheet of styrofoam, 
that can be found in the floral department at any craft store
(with the wreath forms and such)

now this stuff is pretty thick & crunchy, so power tools are needed
the hubs used a jigsaw to cut this out for me :)

use a small dowel rod or a few wooden skewers to connect the to sides together
finish off with hot glue 

once you've got the form together, now it's time to cover it 
cut long strips of felt at approx. 2 inches wide
(i probably had 6-8 strips measuring 2 yards each)
i then ran them through the sewing machine sewing a line down the middle
with a dark brown thread, just to add some color and break up the white

wrap the felt around the form starting from the back
straight pins work great with the foam, no hot glue is needed 

here's a peek at the back ...

keep going until it's completely covered :)
(it took me an hour or so, to get it just right)

embellish as you please!
i cut some leaf shapes out of burlap and some more felt

then used my zigzag stitch to sew them together
give them a little bit of a layered look

pinned them on and stuck some pretty feathers here and there :)

i love finding these little loopey frames (that's what i call them)
at thrift stores or yard sales ... i snatch them up since i seem to use them all the time
for different things ... a little spray paint is all they need :)

all done :)
it's a lengthy project, but in love how it looks on my front door
it blends well with my other fall decorations
hope to show you more of them soon!

gladness in my ♥ for you
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one day behind ... ♥

somewhere in the midst of this week
i managed to convince myself that yesterday was Tuesday
so then today must be Wednesday


i must be living on another planet 

so here's a few new tag sets in the shop
they make me happy
i don't know what day of the week it is
but i'm happy 


are you?

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace ♥
Romans . fifteen . thirteen

coupon code is up in the store today :)

happy Wednesday Thursday!
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