simple packaging idea ... Everything Etsy ♥

hi all!
i've been sparse around these parts the past few days
Black Friday weekend sent my shop into hyper drive
and i'm taking a quick break from my sewing machine ...
just to tell you i'm posting over at Kim's place today

if you need an easy - stash busting - way to spruce up your pretty presents this year
hop on over there and say hi :) the instructions to make these cuties are sweet & simple

they're also for sale in my shop too!

all wrapped up and ready to love ♥
be back later this week with a quick advent calendar project that we can make together...

happy shopping & a giveaway ... ♥

Coupon Code is good through Monday ♥

sweet friend Beverly from Flamingo Toes is hosting a huge giveaway day full of fun!
hop on over to her blog ~ there's a new giveaway every hour!

here's what's up for grabs from my store :)

hurry over and get in on the fun! and tell her hello from Rubies!

happy shopping! ♥

wrappin' up Wednesday & a little Christmas ... ♥

i've been busy the past few days!
crafting up so many new things for Christmas to list in the store
and i'm so excited! it's all so fun!

the regular Wrappin' up Wednesday coupon code is good for today 
and i will leave it up through tomorrow 

i listed some Christmas tags this morning
and i'll be adding a ton of wrapping kits and Christmas fabric tape throughout the day today and before Friday ... there will also be a special coupon code to enjoy 20% off your total purchase Black Friday through Cyber Monday as well ...


here's a few sneak peeks :) 

well back to work for me! Happy Shopping & Happy Thanksgiving!
♥ loves!

make the most of the mist ... ♥

i've spent the last few days getting Christmas stock made for the shop
and i still can't believe how fast the holidays came upon us...

why is it when you're young everything takes forever to get here
when you're older everything comes too quickly?
i wanna know where that line is ...

where things start to fade ... from slow to fast
is 30 the magic number? when you start to realize life is short?
is it when you have kids? maybe it's when you lose a loved one...

maybe it's just in the everyday ...

You don't know what will happen tomorrow. 
What is life? 
You are a mist that is seen for a moment and then disappears ... 
James four. fourteen.

i feel the urgency to live out this instruction ... don't' you?
it makes me want to hurry up and slow down

the other day my daughter said to me ...
" i just can't wait 'till Christmas, i wish it was tomorrow"

i can wait ... cause tomorow will be here in blink of an eye

James 4:14

Happy Thanksgiving & much love to you and your families ... 

i'll peek in tomorrow for Wrappin' up Wednesday 
with some finally new Christmas things for the shop ... 
and be sure to check in this weekend ~ for a giveaway & black Friday discounts :)
gladness in my ♥ for you

Insta Friday ... ♥

it's been a busy week of busy-ness 
we're almost back into the swing of things
after the BHG whirlwind :) and my in-laws visiting with us
i'm trying to catch up ... and haven't posted any Instagram pics in the past few weeks
so thought i would share them today ♥
are you on Instagram?? why in the world not?? it's super fun :)
you can follow me at raisinguprubies

linking up with Life Rearranged

life rearranged

i kinda went totally overboard 'n crazeeee all out for the BHG photoshoot,
and checked a lot of things off of a very dusty "last things to finish up in the studio" list
a new sewing machine cover from a vintage sheet ... isn't she purdy?

the sheet strips turned into a bunting i've been wanting to make for a while
to hang above the built-ins ... and my fabric is organized finally 
i can see all of it right there! no more huge tangled mess in a canvas bin under my sewing table ... oy  
(i think a craft room update post is in order :) right?! yes.)

i got some layers and a trim... BHG was comin'!!
the day after Sandy, we were blessed with hardly any damage here, but school was cancelled for some reason ... the girls built a fort thingy out of sticks in the backyard 
then played in the leaves & mud

did you vote? 2 Chronicles 7.14 was on my mind that day 
BHG came, they shot, they left! it was a crazy-fun two days that you can read about here

got a few Christmas gifts crocheted while hangin' out with the hubby's rents 
who were up for a visit from NC
 they bring us all the bad things we can't get up here in the north ... 
Chik-fil-a ... nom nom nom
 Krispy Kreme ...nom nom nom nom 
(chocolate iced are my fav) ...nom nom nom
(then we go on a diet for 2 weeks)

these are my crazeee gurls
on a shopping trip
(i'm sorry but goofy hats & missing teeth get me every. time.)
(wish we woulda bought the hat)

i don't know if i'm getting old or what
but i was ASTOUNDED at the amount of Christmas candy that's at Target!
um,  do we need this much candy??
(nom nom nom)
cute gift ideas & tutes for Christmas coming up soon!
 ... happy felt rainbow bows make me happy :)

oh and since you're here and i've been rambling on and on and on
for a ridiculously long amount of time
 check out our favorite song this week ... it's awesome

happy weekend ♥ loves!

wrappin' up Wednesday and a little gratefulness ... ♥

happy Wednesday ♥
Christmas is 40 days away ...
40 DAYS!!
i have tons to do ... do you?
here's a quick project i'm posting about over at Everything Etsy

using just manila tags, twine, felt and some mini clothespins 
{ i ♥ mini clothespins ... can you tell?}
hop on over a take a peek!

the coupon code is up in the store today :)

gladness in my ♥ and much love to you ...

behind the scenes ... ♥

what a day :)
I wanted to share some behind the scenes pictures of the day of the shoot!

i'm just so grateful to have had this opportunity to be in Better Homes & Gardens! wow!
and to experience a fun two days full of styling, wardrobe, and photo taking :)

a big thank you to Kit Selzer ~ Senior Remodeling & Projects Editor
for offering me the opportunity to have my room grace the pages of  BHG! right?!
how fun were these ladies ... they were super cool, down to earth, and just made the day so so fun ... i'll always remember it :) forever and ever ... and ever :):)

an amazing stylist and practically famous ... she's the brains behind bringing everything together, and making every detail perfect.

a wonderfully talented photographer who made the whole day fun and comfortable 
{even when you feel self conscious and have to do silly things to take pictures :)}
she's amazing at what she does!

it's amazing how much work goes into shooting just one room ... even just shooting a few small details requires a lot of thought, process, and equipment .. and these girls were so fun to observe, and maybe, just maybe i absorbed a little bit of their knowledge just by watching them work?? :)

photography & lighting stuff went up everywhere ... it was exciting to watch everything unfold ... a very tedious process of taking photos, examining the details, the lighting, making sure everything is just so :)

the outside of my house looked crazy! 
my mom said it looked exciting as she came driving up to the house...
like either the paparazzi was here, or the police... um mmm'kay?
wonderin' what the passer-byers thought {heehee}

after a crazy few weeks, i think layin' low these next few days just sounds nice :)
be back soon! and thanks to all of YOU! who were so excited and lovin' on me with such sweet comments ... 
i appreciate you so!

the pictures will be in the February issue, but will be on new-stands in January
i'm so excited i can't even stand it ... thanks again BHG crew! you guys put so much gladness in this girl's heart ♥

yarn wrapped fall chalkboard jars ... ♥

hey all! 
just poppin' in to tell you i'm posting over at Everything Etsy today
with a fun & easy fall project ... yarn wrapped chalkboard jars!
go on over and take a peek!

BHG is here today, working on set-up, wardrobe and other fun stuff ... soooo excited :)
be back to share soon!
loves ♥

pretty diy ♥ up~cycled dishrack

i'm super duper excited about the Better Homes & Gardens shoot this week :)
and i've been super duper busy shopping for some new clothes, making paper flowers, spray painting stuff and putting a few finishing touches on my craft room ...
{and cleaning my house}

so i thought i'd sneak in a quick project that i did last week
using some more of Keren's beautiful digital art!

if you're stopping over from FPTFY ... welcome!

i was inspired by a few pictures i saw on Pinterest of old dishracks turned into neat little organizers for holding file folders, pens & pencils ... i spray painted a thrifted dish rack white and covered the utensil holder with some strips i cut from a vintage sheet
i made my file folders out of chipboard {but any manila folders will do} and used the bicycle image from Keren's shop to embellish the folder that would be in front :) fun!

washi tape and a sharpie ... all you need to label the folders
if you're like me {and change your mind a lot} they're easy to remove & replace when you need to reassign the folder

it's a great project when you can take something you aren't using anymore and turn it into something that has a new & fresh purpose ... and that's cute to boot :)

much love to you all this week ♥ 
hopefully i'll be back Monday with a bunch of fun stuff to share!
happy crafting ...
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