chalkboard spice jars ... ♥

i've been bitten by the organize your life bug
i love when it's a new year
cause it's reason to start fresh & throw junk out
i feel like my word for this year is 
not that that's official or anything
well maybe it is since i just typed it?

i yearn for simple
i yearn for peaceful
a more organized home
so that my time is spent with my family
spent doing things i love to do

and not spent looking for the paprika
which i need for the dinner i'm making right now that's burning on the stove cause my spices are a heaping mess in the pantry then all fall out of the bucket cause i'm looking for the paprika which happens to be at the bottom of this bottomless bucket of spices other expired things
really ... you think i kid
i do not.

this is what we're starting this project with ... a few buckets of heaping confusion

everything looks like paprika when you're in a rush to find it
(what is paprika anyway? does it really do anything??)
(besides make things red?)

to get this act together i used half-pint mason jars
spray paint the lids with Krylon chalkboard paint (joanns)
and i painted the rings with Rustoleum 2X coverage in aqua
(not a necessary step in the whole organizing process)
(necessary step for cuteness factor process)
(plus it matches the polka dots in my drawer liner paper)
.... and! some polka dot wrapping paper (Target)

what's the best place for spices in your kitchen? 
i wanted to move them to a half empty drawer that really wasn't being used to it's fullest of potentials 
 instead of running around my island over to the pantry (in a hurry) ...
opening a drawer and scanning names seemed like a much more efficient way to store & locate what was needed (and save a dinner or two from the jaws of scorchment)

i like the idea of using wrapping paper to line drawers ... the top side has a bit of a gloss finish to it, great for clean up ... when it gets stained or torn, it's easy enough to toss and cut a new piece ... and a much cheaper alternative to the typical cabinet & drawer liners found in most houseware sections
(fyi: Hobby Lobby has a great wrapping paper selction, 
very thick paper and super durable)

measure, cut and fit

i sprayed my lids with 2 coats of chalkboard paint ... i would highly recommend a primer first
as i later found that my chalkboard marker tip scratched some paint off a few of the lids

i prefer the markers to real chalk, it has a finer tip to fit more letters into small spaces :)
and it doesn't brush off as easily

now all you need is a set of cute measuring spoons 
for all the measuring & using of spices you'll be doing
cause your spice drawer is so dang cute
paprika anyone?

i hope to purge & simplify other problem areas in our house throughout the year
in hopes that our home will run more efficiently 
then our time together will be spent more ...well ... together!

i'm still working on my year long menu plan
that i can't wait to share with you
(with printables!)
i've been working on a few other spots in the kitchen this past week too
i will be back to share those soon

oh! and my craft room feature in Better Homes & Gardens comes out in 10 days!!
the February issue will hit newstands on January 15th
i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited :)
look for me on the I Did It! page on the inside back cover!

a more detailed tour of the room will hopefully be published in one of the BHG special interest magazines sometime this year! can you believe it?? in 2 BHG magazines??
wow ... i feel so blessed

loves to you & happy weekend ♥
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  1. I love this! Such a good idea.

  2. Oh my gosh, can't tell you how many times I have to dig above the stove for my spices (worst possible place to store them, but it is what it is). This is a genius idea! Love it and so cute!

  3. I'm literally jumping up and down with joy right now! I have a ton of those little jars (don't ask, a FAILED attempt at edible teacher gifts) and I thought "these would be super cute for spices". I even wanted to do chalkboard tops, but I only had chalkboard PAINT. I didn't even realize they made spray. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

    I'm beyond excited to get started now :)

  4. So pretty and organized. Love the idea of using wrapping paper in the drawers. Do you just lay it in there or did you tape it down or anything??

  5. So cute and so organized (two of my favorite things!)! Thanks for sharing your great idea. I hate having all the different spice jars anyway, I like having everything in the same container. Your drawer would make me happy every time I'd open it. And I love your handwriting! I'd have to borrow that :). Thanks again for sharing! It's been pinned! Have a great day!

  6. This is so cute! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Yay - can't wait for the BH&G issues!! And the spices are yummy cute ; )

  8. I buy my spices in bulk and store then in the small canning jars and also buttons, laces, other items I sew with - where would we be without these jars. I've been looking for a new way to label them and was gearing up for the chalk way. Where did you get the pen? Great ideas and if I had an empty drawer I would do the same - or wait - maybe I need to empty one of my 2 kitchen drawers for this! Thanks for enhancing my thoughts.

  9. Love this!! And super pretty too!! :) Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend to you! xo Holly

  10. Great, great, great idea. I love it-love your choice of colors and paper, too- xo Diana

  11. Awesome! I've got on my "To Do" list clean out cupboards...
    This is a good idea! Cause my spices are a mess! AND so are the kitchen drawers.

  12. Great post and wonderful idea. I may be a copycat and do this one too! Sadly your disorganization doesn't seem disorganized to me J. I think you might faint if you saw my pantry right now, altho I did throw out the kid's halloween candy yesterday.

    Congrats on all your magazine features. You deserve it and I can't wait to see you featured! xoxoxo

  13. SO great! Aqua and chalkboard....a perfect pair. You lost me at paprika though. I am SO not a cook and have never used paprika. I know my mother in law sprinkles it on her deviled eggs, but that's it. Haha. My poor husband. He loves good food :/
    Can not wait to see you in the mag!! Livin' the dream :)
    Happy new year!!

  14. Aren't spice drawers the greatest?! I shudder to admit this but I have 2 (yes TWO) spice drawers and a spice basket in the top of my cabinet. However we do buy some spices in bulk, I grow some herbs (such as basil, thyme, lavender, oregano, lemon thyme, rosemary) and we make up our own mixes for chile powder, taco spice mix, pickling it is necessary for the extra storage. I love the idea of chalkboard paint & chalk pens though! We have used a label maker for years but I am beginning to wonder about the wisdom in that as it takes up so much space in the drawer. I think it will be "going" to "market" soon! Yes all in the name of decluttering! :)

    Congratulations on the magazine features! That is truly wonderful!!

    Have a wonderful day! And thank you for being such an inspiration to us all!

  15. I love those measuring spoons! Where did you find them?

    1. I love the measuring spoons, as well. Please, tell us where did you get them? Thanks.

    2. I love the measuring spoons, as well. Please, tell us where did you get them? Thanks.

  16. Jamie, very creatitive! I love the touch of blue for the top ring! I started a brand new link party and would love for you to share your spice project.
    Happy New Year!

  17. That is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
    blessings to you

  18. Wow! I love this idea! I love the wrapping paper to line your drawer with! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Love your word for the year :) I've set so many goals for myself this year and it's going to be hard, but worth it :) ~*S*~

  20. Super cute and great idea. We use a drawer for our spices too and it's SO much better then whatever we did before. However I have wanted to have them all in the same containers instead of now, I label them with just a little round circle label on their original container. Since we have an abundant of regularly used spices, that labeling system isn't working as well. I think we'll try this with some of my chalkboard vinyl! And make it cuter with that wrapping paper! Thanks for the great idea! :)

  21. Great idea and it makes such a neat and pretty drawer, too! This will be a warm weather project!
    ♥ Jil

  22. Such a great idea! Love this! We would love for you to share this at our Kitchen Fun and Crafty link party!

  23. Oh how FUN! I am a spice addict. My spices are in glass jars, but in varying sizes in several square baskets. Using the same sized jars in a drawer would be fabulous! I love the chalk board tops and blue rims. Yay! Thanks oodles for the inspiration.

  24. Great idea and love the colour combos.

  25. I organized my spices in jars last year but, I never would have painted the lid! You are brilliant!!

  26. love it. I am short on drawer space though. Maybe I could find some metal jars, paint them & add magnets to the bottom. Hang them inside a cabinet door?

  27. You are such a rock star! I'll be looking for yo in BHG!
    Just love that magazine!

    I just read and reviewed your refrigerator post and now I'm dumb founded how awesome your spices are organized!

    I've seen and thought about using chalk for kitchen labels but I'm very unsure about it. You mentioned that the chalk markers don't smudge as much but are they hard to clean off? I want everything in my kitchen to have a place, label and of course organized in an amazing and tasteful way,
    {cough cough:: Just like yours ::cough cough}
    but I don't want to create more work for myself in the long run.
    Are you still enjoying your chalk labels or have you had second thoughts about it? I would love to know your thoughts and opinions! :)

    Have a blessed day!

    1. OH! I forgot to ask another question.. (Sorry, I hope I'm not driving you crazy with the 20 questions this morning.) hahaha

      Where did you find your measuring spoons?

    2. thanks Nikki! they are from Anthropologie! ♥

  28. So cute! I wish I had enought drawer space to store spices that way!

  29. Where did you purchase the chalk marker? LOVE. LOV, LOVE the colors!!

  30. Well aren't you just full of cute ideas - this is adorable!
    xo, Becky

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Love how you updated all the spice jars!!!

  33. Adorable. All I need is a spare drawer!

  34. I love this! I love simple and organized too. And you have a great name ;) I'm a new follower ;)

  35. BRILLIANT!!! Where do you get the Bistro chalks? I've looked everywhere!!!

  36. This is FABULOUS! I absolutely love it! Such ab great way to stay organised in the kitchen! Oh and those measuring spoons - so cute! Love it! Pinning and following :) Hope you have a great day!

  37. Jaime! I just adore your blog! I love your beautiful and crafty ideas. This is just my favorite drawer!! I think the paper just MAKES it that much better!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  38. You have great style. I just love these little spice jars. I hope to do something similar here soon as I finish up my kitchen. I am hosting my very first link party and would love it if you could link up.

  39. You are so clever, Jaime. Just saw your adorable spice jars featured at The 36th Ave and I'm obsessed! Pinning :)

  40. OMG! I LOVE this idea!!! I really like how fun the colors are!!! And, the polka dot paper!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!

  41. This turned out beautifully! And, I have the same measuring spoons!
    Love for you to stop by and check out some of my project:
    Also, I host and "oldies" link party on Tuesdays--a way to get come traffic out of our awesome, but old projects we posted long ago.
    Hope to see you there--and excited to be following you via rss.

  42. Following you after finding you at The 36th Avenue. FYI - what caught my attention was the wonderfully clever name of your blog - LOVE IT! Would love for you to visit me in my bloggy neighborhood at feel LOVD everyday! LOVD tidings, Lilly

  43. Love it! A few quick questions:
    Where did you find the mini mason jars? (What size are they?)
    Where can I find a chalk board marker?
    Do you tape/glue the wrapping paper to the drawer?


    1. thank you :) the mason jars were from Target (i found them during the summer)
      they are 4oz jars... the chalk marker is from Michaels, and the wrapping paper just sits inside the drawer, the weight of the jars holds it down and i cut it pretty snug so it's fits tightly ... hope all this helps! ♥

  44. I love this! I have been struggling for years now with what to do with my spices. I just recently emptied a drawer in my kitchen and was wondering what to use it for!

    Can't wait to get this done :)

  45. Hi Jaime,

    When you line the drawers with wrapping paper do you tape them down or just lay them in there flat? If you lay them in there flat, do they ever get bunched up?



    1. Hi Jill! yes! it just lays flat, the weight of the jars holds in place perfectly :) no bunching!! ♥ thanks for the visit

  46. Good idea! thanks for sharing....

  47. I love love love this project! So much so, that I passed this DIY project on to my readers! You out did yourself! Clean and classy! Kudos!-Deb (

  48. Jamie, they look like 1/2 pint jars, is that what you meant to say?

    1. Hi Cindy! yes! they are 1/2 pint jars... need to correct that mistake in my post :) thanks for pointing that out!

  49. off to find a drawer for my spices. Where did you get those cute spoons?

  50. I love this. I always put mine in alphabetical order too.

  51. I have looked high and low for the wrapping paper, I love it so much! Any suggestions that I might have overlooked as to where to find?

  52. I think this is so cute. I have a question about the lids. Did you attach the lids to to the rings, or do you just pop them off when you open each one? I use some Ball jars around the house for odds and ends, and that's the only thing that annoys me sometimes, having to pop the lids off.

  53. I attempted these…and was fairly successful! It's quite possibly the first project I actually completed haha I only did 6 but they look so much cuter in my cabinets than those plastic spice containers! I was wondering, would priming the metal parts of the lids make them feel not so…strange?

    I have a blog too, but I'm not even going to link it yet because I just got started and I don't have anything for anyone to read yet!

  54. OMG....I cannot wait to fix my spices like this. I have wanted to fix the confusion for the longest time. Your so clever.. My niece's spices are in total
    disarray, I'm going to do this for her for a Christmas gift. Thank you so much.

  55. Working on this project now and running into a problem. Maybe someone can help/ has advice/feedback?
    I primed lids but the primer is already rubbing off. Not sure if the chalkboard paint will stay on since the primer comes off do easily. Anyone else experience this? Thinking of using sandpaper to create a rough surface on the lids- but I'm not sure if I want to put that much energy into this project if it will just be in vain anyways. However, I am already invested in the jars, and 3 paint colors so looking for some advice from you ladies;)

  56. I ran into the same problem. The chalkboard paint and the paint on the lids is flaking off. I was wondering if you primed or sanded the lids in order for the paint to have staying power?

    1. What a great idea and site! Just landed here from a link on Country Living.

      After cleaning out the junk drawer in my kitchen, I'll prime the lids on 4-ounce canning jars with Rust-Oleum metal primer before spraying with chalkboard paint. Being a creature of habit, I'll keep my "usual" seasonings in the cupboard next to the stove and dedicate the drawer to baking, canning, and seldom-used spices.

      What a wonderful way to clear up an essential kitchen cabinet cluttered with too much stuff. Thank you so much!!!

  57. Hi!! I recreated your DIY for my spices and I looove it! Thank you!! check it out on my blog :)


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