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happy Monday!
we're off to a running start here this week at my house
with a super busy week behind us ... there's more hustle & bustle ahead!
i have been going through and organizing different spots in our kitchen, 
so if you're just poppin' in you can click on the links below 
to see the rest of last week's projects ...

those first two things seemed to be most pressing for me ... 
the spices were buggin' me and the fridge really needed some help
a good cleaning and to have things in more of an order for breakfast & lunch packing 
these 2 big drawers in the middle of our kitchen are another area that sees a ton of use
so it tends to get messy very quickly .. 

the top drawer holds kid-friendly cups, paper plates, straws, vitamins 
and the other lunch packing items that don't need to be refrigerated

that whole packing individual snack bags when i get home from the grocery store thing?
still goin' strong :) and the girls really look forward to having some say in picking what they want to eat that day :)
the little white lids are containers that hold granola or chocolate chips, 
easy for grab n go when they're taking yogurt in their lunch.
i really do love mason jars, use them for anything guys! 
stick some granola bars in 'em and it looks all neat and tidy

the bottom drawer is the "snack drawer"
and if you ask my youngest ... the most important place in the house
if there was a fire ... she'd be runnin' to save the snacks 
again, it's easy access for breakfast, and after school snacks
i try to find baskets at garage sales or thrift stores to use in drawers & cabinets
it keeps things contained so you see what you have, keeping you from over-buying 
or thinking you've run out of something when you really have a ton of it
...the larger square basket holds cereal boxes or any larger packaged items
and the little basket of clothespins provides easy access to snack bag closure
(i just made that up)
(ya know, so stuff doesn't go stale?)

well that's it ... short & sweet
thanks so much to everyone who left me such sweet comments 
& sent emails over the weekend
from last weeks projects to those who saw my craft room feature in their mailboxes ...
thank you!
the issue hits new-stands tomorrow!
so I hope to back to show you some pictures!
with much gladness in my ♥

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  1. Oh how I wish I had drawers like that...........You did a great job organizing them. I have just recently discovered how fabulous baskets can be. I love those clear baskets with the handles you have in the fridge. Where did you find those? Thx

    1. Ha I just found the answer in the comments on your last post...........thx

  2. Good job Jaime!

    PS I love writing your name because in French Jaime means "I love" (J'aime).
    Isn't it so cute? :)

    Have a great day


  3. Can't wait for that BH&G Issue... Already told my friend at church that she needs to pass that issue on to me super fast so I can see your feature!!

  4. Right on, Supermom! It's wonderful that your girls have the freedom and autonomy to choose and make their own lunches. A sense responsibility will grow easily through these daily tasks...

  5. I'm so excited about reading your article in BH&G! Love the organized kids drawers!!

  6. Hi jaime!! Wowza this is beautiful!! I am in love with your idea to put the paper plates in a basket!! Is that just a normal basket or is it specific- that sounds like a dumb question!? I rarely see round ones like that! (Waste baskets aside)
    Thanks for sharing!! God bless you!

    1. thanks Colleen! it's just a normal basket! :) just so happened that the paper plates fit in it perfectly ... love when that happens! (heehee) thanks for the visit! ♥

  7. Just found your blog from BHG magazine.

    Those draws look absolutely awesome!

  8. Ditto~! Just found your blog from the last, but best page of BHG, which arrived today in my mail!I love your style and positive outlook that comes across via your blog!

  9. This is awesome! I have a cupboard filled with kid plates/cups but didn't think about contains snacks! I love all of your baskets too. They are sometimes hard to find!!! I feel inspired!


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