Friday, February 15, 2013

butterfly art ... ♥

i hope to get back to some house purging & organizing next week
orders from my etsy shop have been keeping me busy :)

last weekend we went to an engagement party ... so i thought i'd share a gift idea
not exclusive to wedding-ish stuff
this could be for anything! would be cute in a little girls room with some added pops of color

i used Martha Stewart's butterfly punch and a regular heart punch 
then just wrote down their names and wedding date 

the neat thing about this shadow box is it has a opening in the top 
... so they can add momentos, or movie tickets as time goes by 

i also bought them this book to go along with it
it was so pretty with a gray soft leather cover
 i wanted one for me & the hubs :)

i had these tags listed in the shop, but sold out of them...
they're on my to-do list
(which is really long)

happy weekend everyone!
let's organize next week!
(i hope)
(i really really want to)
(but there's always something more fun to do)

loves ♥


  1. love it love it love it! it is always fun to read your blog, I get so inspired to make pretty things :)

  2. LOVE seeing all of the pretty things you make! Such a fun gift!

  3. Beautiful!! What a special keepsake :)


  4. Beautiful. Makes for a wonderful keepsake gift

  5. Such a cute little gift idea! I'm sure they'll treasure it! I love handmade gifts! Hope you have a wonderful and creative weekend!! :) xo Holly

  6. EVERYTHING you do is simply BEEEYOUTEEFULL! :)

  7. Oh such yummyness Jaime!!! Love the brown ribbon and the other little touches you added. Very personal touches and meaningful. That book would be awesome to share with our hubbys everyday!! A sweet way to start the day or a good way to say good night to each other. Have a blessed weekend. XOXO Love Fran.

  8. Oh, drool, Jaime ... So very classy yet simple chic!!

    1. Ok just realized I totally have to buy a wedding gift for March. Using your lovely ideas!

  9. Just lovely!

  10. Hi Jamie,
    New follower here... just popped over from The Cottage Market. Love your beautiful blog!

  11. So beautiful and sweet!! They must have just loved it!! ;) xo Heather

  12. I love butterflies, they have always been present when something wonderful things happen. Finding your blog ( through Andrea) is now one of those things. Hugs P.S> congrats on your etsy success


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