Monday, February 4, 2013

pretty diy decoupaged drawers ... ♥

if you follow me on Instagram  (raisinguprubies)
you might remember these drawers i covered in paper!
they are the drawers that live in my vanity in our master bedroom

you can see the full post over at Everything Etsy
take a peek, they turned out so fun!

a tour of my master bedroom is here

i have a few things left in this room to check off my list ...
one of them was covering these drawers in the vanity 
as well as the drawers in my dresser
and they're almost done!

with gladness in my ♥


  1. Jaime You know I adore about you is that you are so geniune and a great witness to God!! Even in a magazine post you weren't afraid to witness!! I adore your style and love the simplicity of how you make things!! I just love your business cards there in your instagram photos! How cool! You are making me think how I could make my own!! LOL Thanks sweet girl!! XOXO Love Fran.

  2. SO so pretty! I love everything that you do :)

  3. I love your makes me smile!


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