ten things for thursday ... ♥

happy spring! ♥
i would like to be a bit more consistent with my blogging
but at the same time, not be overwhelmed with 
{huge! big! project!} blog posts 2-3 times a week

sometimes it's just nice to share stuff
things i like
pics i'm taking
fun etsy shops i'm finding

so hellooooo :) this is the first of my favorite things right now post :)

sound fun?!?!
(gotta love her)

i'm still working on a few deets for the last kitchen/office re-organization post...
and it's been anything but spring-like weather around these parts
(can i say frozen tundra guys)

so to help get myself in a spring-like mood :)
here's 10 things i'm lovin' for spring right now

(hey do you follow me on Pinterest?? why not?! do it. :)

i love these bitty eggshell planters
what a great hostess gift for Easter Sunday dinner

i have the perfect spot for this Easter print & i ♥ this color

this little basket with the eyelet trim is just the cutest thing!


free coloring page for the kiddies

Easter coloring picture with the phrase "He is Risen"

i'm a sucker for anything on a chalkboard
throw in this cute wreath
and some rainbow chalk
and i'm sold :)

doesn't she look all nice & springy? i love the colors and pieces in this outfit!

spring cleaning anyone? this cute little check-list fits my week like a glove! 


i never tire of jars ... and all the pretty things you can do with them ♥

what about ...

for Easter Sunday? so Leave it to Beaver-ish ... so pretty & lady-like

use these for Easter gifts! 
(why not step out of your comfort zone and give a small gift to someone you know 
who would least expect it ... put some thought into it! )

thanks Keren! for these freebies ♥


without the Resurrection of Christ ... what hope would we have?

that was fun! let's do it again next week :)
happy Spring!


  1. I love your new series Jaime!! I'll look forward to every Thursday! :)

  2. Beautiful....as usual! I love the Easter dress and shoes & the sweet little basket! Who am I kidding though? I love it all...:) Great series!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. Lovely post! I look forward to next Thursday.:)

  4. I love your ten things. They are just wonderful and I look forward to more fun things from you- xo Diana

  5. Love the ten things! Thanks for sharing!! Happy spring! xo Holly

  6. The jar, the printables, the chalkboard, the sign... Oh my!!

  7. Sweet and pretty things!! Love the chalkboard art!! Happy day to you!! xo Heather

  8. aww! I LOVE this! Thank you SO much for including my little tags!! ♥♥♥♥♥!!!

  9. Love the new series!! Love the plant gifts!! Can't wait til next Thursday!!

    1. aren't' they cute!! it's fun to share favorites!
      happy weekend ♥

  10. last quote... so true... oh how He loves us :)

    when are we getting some 5 guys? as in the food. ~*S*~

    1. that would make a fun free printable wouldn't it? love ya ♥

  11. that was fun. thanks for sharing.

  12. Aw Jaime that was cool! My fav are the tags!! Too stinkin cute!! They remind me of childhood for some reason!! LOL And I can just see you Jaime in both of those outfits. Lookin spiffy and ready to go!! I think your ten for Thursday rocks. And I am addicted to pinterest myself!! LOL It truly inspires me alot!! Have a good weekend suppose to be a sunny one. But still cold. I am doing a craft show wish me luck. XOXO Luv Fran.

  13. Loved the new series Jaime!!! What great finds! =) Thank you for including my freebie cleaning checklist. =)


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