ten things for Thursday ... ♥

last week's favorite things were so fun!
thanks for all the comments you left ... i appreciate you!

i'm in spring cleaning/organizing mode
with warm weather fast approaching! 
here's ten organizing solutions (from my organizing board)
that i love & want to incorporate into my to-do list!

since i'm still stuck in kitchen mode, this idea for a baking drawer would be so neat!
so practical to have all of this in one spot :)

my girls love to play games ... but they have to march into the basement to get them
love this idea! in all different jars and right in the living room to boot!
what about the boards and bigger pieces you ask??
i think i have a solution :)
(project alert!)


even girls have legos :)
ok so we don't have this many instruction books ...
but for all you boy mamas out there... this is an awesome idea
(maybe we could make a mini binder and decorate it with flowers and pink paper? :)

our DVD's have moved from place to place to place
but with some changes coming to our living room in the next few months
i think this might be a great solution ... but i am a fan of ditching the cases and using inserts
(2nd possible project alert!)

In the Living Room

a donation bin is a great way to keep all the items designated for Goodwill in one place
instead of in little piles in every room... coat closet is where i would like to put one for us!

ok, ok ... so it's almost April i know
but this is a neat way to keep and compile Christmas cards
 and have them ready to display when the Holidays are upon us ... 
really the only reason i'm talking about this now
is because there's a pile of Christmas cards in my basement...
that seriously needs to go somewhere.

dresser drawers would look so much prettier with these in them
don't ya think?
i might have a few lying around somewhere

before the age of Pinterest i had a hard time throwing away magazines
i knew all those cute ideas i'd seen in them would be lost forever 
if i didn't save them or cut and file them away 
... any articles or ideas you come across and want to keep 
would be accessible in books like these and pretty on a shelf too.

volumes on shelf

easy way to save any school projects, pictures, and momentos
i've always loved this idea ... someday i will get it done :)

this chart in the cutest!
purge purge purge!!
if you don't use it ... let it make someone else happy :)
(or just get rid of it folks)


speaking of organizing ... peek in tomorrow for the last of the kitchen/office re-org!
happy favorite things ♥


  1. I love all of these ideas! I've been on an organizing kick lately and even though the progress has been slow, I love seeing it all come together. My goal is to have been through all of the closets and rooms by the end of the year :)

  2. Diggin it!! Don't cha love that the Spring is springin and it gets our mojo goin!! In my own way I am organizing too. Hey less than a month til the magazine comes out!! woo hoo!! I think the games was my fav today. Keep on keepin on!! XOXO Luv Fran.

  3. We ditched the DVD cases and finally converted to two zip cases that hold all the movie and wii discs. Best simplifying move we did last December : )

  4. The chart is pretty spotted on! LOL Nice post as always, Jaime! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. ISN'T IT fun to do little bits of organizing...such a difference it can make! YOu are SOOO good at it too! xo

    NORTHERN COTTAGE http://www.northerncottage.net

  6. Great ideas- each and every one of them. I love being organized- xo Diana


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