ten things for Thursday ... living room project ideas

i mentioned a few posts ago that we're working on some changes in our living room
(yes, we have a living room!)
(in all the hustle & bustle of my craft room being featured, many emails came my way about how i was lucky to have a hubby who would let me take our living space and turn it into a craft room!! 
and where did we sit to watch tv, or play games as a family??
i tried to stress that it was a formal living room that we converted!
heehee :)

over the course of the spring & summer i hope to work on a few projects for this room
we painted and did some pillow re-covering 2 years ago, 
but we moved on to other rooms in the house before i really worked on any of the details

so here's 10 projects i chose from my home board on Pinterest
 that i hope to incorporate in this room over the next few months :)
{click on the links below the images for original sources}

... i absolutely fell in love with these built-ins
we have the perfect blank wall, (on which the tv currently dwells) 
that would be perfect for this set-up!
...and those globes! swoooney...


... gets pretty chilly here in upstate NY
so blankets in our living room are a must
i have a bunch of pretty crocheted blankets 
that really should be on display instead of crumpled up in a basket! 
i love it when function & decorating come together with these types of ideas :)

... this bunting in Ashley Ann's playroom is just the cutest thing!
it's just perfect for this space ... must. do. this.

... pretty pops of color like this table, would be perfect on some end tables i have

recycled map table

... this family room is so happy and colorful
Meg Duerksen's mix of color & function makes this room a great place to spend time together
the chalkboard and the play table are perfect!


... curtains! these are stunning... the burlap gives it just that right amount of shabbiness

... thinking about a bunch of colorful pillows full of texture and funk :)

... three lamps are in our living room
would love to convert a couple with lampshades like these

... a rug is always a great way to add color, but they never seem to come cheap
i love this idea from Apartment Therapy... take a few inexpensive throw rugs and sew them together for a burst of color

{Apartment Therapy}

... this free printable from not just a housewife says it all :)
print it. frame it. hang it. remember it.

lovin' this round-up ... makes me so excited to get working on this room!!
be back tomorrow with a quick post :) much love and gladness in my heart 


  1. Your living room will be perfect :)! Best wishes and good luck on each project. Maria

  2. I agree with the quote. I think renters can surprise themselves using the homemade decors or old things they own at their Phoenix AZ apartments.

  3. Can't wait to see your living room! I agree with that quote and happy to say we've got the old, new, handmade and worn going on perfectly! As a renter, I have to get creative about what I can do to make it our "own." Yesterday I started tackling the living room. Happy to say not a lot of clutter but moved some furniture around and love it!

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  5. Great quote! And it is so true, right?! The things you can do when you reinvent the stuff around you! I am actually reinventing old pillow covers and they are much better and beautiful than they used to be. Good luck :-)

  6. Great ideas, we are moving in the fall, and I am looking forward to decorating my house!

  7. Awesome!!! Love all of these. That map cabinet was made by my best friend Cassie :) happy almost Friday!

  8. All such sweet ideas!! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  9. Hey Jaime I am diggin #1 and #2. And the maps are pretty cool too up cycled onto the end tables. I pinned a dresser that was up cycled with a map onto the front of the drawers. It is so cool. The color in the maps are pretty awesome there is just something about them. And the ladder is awesome too for the blankets. I also like the crates on the wall with globes and the crates too. The vintage with the new is what I like. The faded woods with the muted colors. I can't wait for the next magazine to come out!! Gotta buy it when it does!! Lookin forward to your grand re-opening!! Thanks for sharing. XOXO Lov eFran.

  10. oh my! loving that blanket ladder - what a great (and cute!) way to store those cozy throws! i also love the idea of stitching together smaller rugs; the pop of color looks awesome, and i've had a hard time finding large enough rugs that a) i really like, and b) aren't crazy expensive. thanks for sharing these ideas! :)


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