diy pennant bunting & a summer front porch ...♥

as i work my way through fixing up our house, i'm slowly discovering my decorating style
and slowly discovering what works & feels best for our family
and realizing it's not about perfection, it's about using what you have
to make it an inviting & welcoming place to live 
i've always dreamed of having a wrap-around front porch with a swing and a pretty 
spindle-ish wood screen door ... so even though our front porch is small, 
it's still fun to spruce it up a bit for summer
sometimes i sit and watch the kids play (they usually don't know i'm sitting there)
or i read there in the morning, after the bus leaves 
(unless it's raining) 
(or if it's too hot)
 (we don't have consistent weather here ... at all)
but it's quiet, and peaceful

the bunting was an easy project ... just cut the pieces to size, sew a pocket and thread some jute through the pocket ... or hot glue directly to the jute

this rocker was on the curb one night before garbage day ... a long time ago
i love it, it's my favorite. i've painted it lots of different colors
this year it got the mint green treatment :)

i hope to find some odds & ends to add to this little wall near the rocker
maybe a mini side table too ... the welcome sign was actually a mirror

with some chalkboard spray paint to cover the mirror
and some almond colored paint around the frame ...

it takes on a whole different look
welcome to the porch! :)

the azalea's are in full bloom this week
that means summer is almost here

the girls will cut a few branches off every couple of days
and put them in a vase near the kitchen window for me :)

well tomorow's friday! that means yard sales! fun fun fun :)
be back soon with some info on my coupon system...
happy weekend 

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  1. Jaime,
    You have a lovely front porch! Love that green chair...

  2. I can't believe you found that chair by the road for dumping. It's in great condition..usually they have a hole! Love the bunting! Everything as always is lovely!!

  3. What a welcoming entryway. I can see why you like to spend time out there. I have been looking for wicker furniture just like your chair. I'd love a chair, couch and table for my front porch, too. Maybe during yard sale season I'll find some....Have a great weekemd!!

  4. Your front porch looks so inviting and love the bunting you made!!
    Have a good weekend!!

  5. Your porch is lovely!! So pretty, love the mint green rocker, mirror and pretty flowers around! Our weather is always crazy and not very consistent here either! lol. Happy Friday and happy thrifting tomorrow!!! :) xo Holly

  6. I have 2 whicker chairs in need of some paint or stain love. If you've painted this chair a few times can you tell me your process you do to get it ready to paint? (pressure wash or special paint product etc) what color is the mint? I love the mirror turned chalk board. You have good junk luck!

  7. Cute ideas, as usual Jaime! Thanks for sharing xoxo

  8. Lovely! ;)
    Happy wknd! New bloglovin follower!
    xoxo Carly

  9. If I had a porch.. I would have you design it :)

  10. So cute and lovin' the mint green chair!!! xo Heather

  11. I especially love the makeover you gave that mirror!!!

    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

  12. Pretty!! Your Summer porch is looking beautiful :)


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