ten things for thursday ... summer time ideas ♥

so i'm a tad late with this

but technically it's not midnight yet
so it's still thursday

here are 10 projects i'm dying to do with or for my girls this summer!
these and many more fun ideas can be found on my "girl" board on Pinterest

oh, and guys! 
if you want to pin these projects 
please do so from the original site
thanks. you all are the best.

spray painted chairs
i'm in love with this chair. in love. love 

green chair makeover

make tic tac toe kits!!
out of any fun things! ... my youngest said mini my little ponies :)

horse pillows
i think this would be a great project if you're teaching your kids to sew

Horse pillow2

we need to pass more gifts out on a regular basis ... for no reason at all ... cause it's fun
yes these will do nicely
my girls love perler beads during the summer months

rainbow & sunshine garland ♥
cause you can never have too many rainbows or too much sunshine

fairy gardens!! a must do this summer.

diy money jars 
this is a long overdue - much needed project!

hope these ideas get your crafty brains turning... summer here we come!
 much love and gladness in my heart 


  1. Ooh! Great ideas! That embroidered picture of the girl with the felt flowers is my fave. I've pinned that to try with my daughter this summer! Thanks Jaime!

  2. Hi Jamie, You have such an amazing "eye"... seriously. You could be the head visual designer at Anthro! Love your style girl. ♥♥♥

  3. Love these....lampshade thing I'm dying to do with embroidery hoops, so many great tic tac toe ideas out there! that embroidery piece is amazing-must check out for my babes, and the sunshiny rainbow is perfect for my littles!! Thanks, girl : )

  4. Love all of these and can't wait for Summer!!! Happy Friday :)

  5. Oh my, those embroidered portraits and the fairy garden! Thanks so much for the ideas, Jaime!

  6. Horse pillows rock!!! Wish I had little ones again sometimes!! I remember the days!! I LOVED all the simplicity that goes with havin kids!! I am still a big kid myself!! That is why I still create and love it!! Sometimes when I make my dolls I look at them and think how child like they look!! LOL But I love it!! I have tried to not make them that way and I can't!! LOL I guess that's my gig!! Love ya to the moon n back!! XOXO Fran.

  7. LOVE the fairy gardens. charlotte would LOVE looking for tinkerbell. :)


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