ten things for thursday ... teacher gift ideas ♥


where did the past week & a half go??
i blinked and it was gone :)
been working on a TON of projects that i can't wait to share!
some furniture stuff, some living room stuff ... oh and remember how i wanted to share about my meal planning & coupon system? well it's slowly coming along, and i hope to share a little tomorrow ... school is out for us in 2 weeks, and i would love to be prepared with some of these nifty neat teacher gifts! ... how bout you? are yours all done?

if not, here are 10 projects that would make great teacher gifts
mostly simple & inexpensive ideas that can be put together in a short amount of time
yay! my kinda end of the year gifts :) oh and there's a few more ideas on 
my Pinterest board here

oh, and guys! 
if you want to pin these projects 
please do so from the original site
thanks. you all are the best.


Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea - Free Printable Tags

now this is not an actual gift, but i love this idea for next year ... i actually did this with my daughter's Kindergarten teacher years ago, and it was the best thing to have on hand! i knew exactly where to go, and how to put together a few pick me ups during the school year because i had this list at home
so be ready for the fall!

get ready! school will be out ... then let the summer crafting begin!
 much love and gladness in my heart 


  1. Wow! This is too much! Being a teacher I'd love to be granted with any of those!! :)

  2. Love your beautiful teacher appreciate ideas! My favorite is the little berry basket full of goodies!

  3. All great ideas! As a teacher I'd be overjoyed to receive any of them!! Now which will I choose for MY kids' teachers??

  4. I don't have any kids in school..but how cute are these...if I did I'd certainly be using them!!!

  5. Great ideas!! I love them all!

  6. Great ideas!! All are so pretty and look good! :) xo Holly

  7. super cute ideas!!!!
    emma @ www.frommylittlepinkcouch.blogspot.com

  8. SO creative! LOVE!


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