insta-friday ... summer edition ♥

well hey all.
it's been a bit since i was here ... this past week has been full of stuff
thought i'd bring the blog up to speed with my instragram life :)
since i haven't been crafting or decorating. boo.
lots goes on on instagram
follow me there... i'm: raisinguprubies

♥ still have about 6 weeks of summer here in upstate 
and we've picked up some great finds stopping at yard sales most thrusdays & fridays
so my sheet collection grows larger :)
♥ i busted up my knee when i was running. i was told i over pronate? 
so that means i have to have a pricey set of kicks to keep running. bummer.
♥ packing product from my store is like therapy. it's my favorite part :)
♥ chocolate chip pancakes for dinner ... oh yeah.

♥ does anyone project life?
i really want to get started as soon as i get some uh...spare time? is there such a thing?
♥ my biggest little loves horses, rides horses, and dreams about horses
she even gallops around the house like she's on a horse twenty four seven. all. the. time.
♥ mommy daughter shopping trips are the best (daddy's checkbook might not agree) heehee
♥ hobby lobby's fabrics are awesome right now! it's usually hit or miss for me there
but i got some of each of these ... hmm looks like more hoop making has to happen

♥after hob lob we hit Goodwill ...where i almost never go anymore.  
the prices are so outrageous
and it's mostly junk .... unless you walk in and see this puppy. 
a vintage green heavy duty filing cabinet. 
and when i say heavy duty ... i mean really heavy
yup. $40. and it's in the trunk in 10 minutes
♥ here it is my craft room. it's a little too dark green for me, 
not sure if i should paint if or not, so i'm letting it sit for a while so i can decide. 
♥ weekly sunday selfie 
♥ have you read Jesus Calling? by Sarah Young ... awesome book

♥ how do you spend your 4th? we had a terrific view of the fireworks this year.
♥ i worry that one day i'll only have the memories of my little girl sitting here 
at my vanity hiding and playing with my jewlery in her night gown ♥
♥ pompoms, chalkboard heart clothespins & colored doiles? yes please. all of the above.
thank you Michael's dollar bins.

♥ i'll be starting a new batch of hoops soon, 
had fun picking out different fabrics over the past few weeks. excited about some new ideas.
♥ taking my words & my thoughts captive is a daily struggle for me
sometimes it seems like progress is ridiculously slow... but it's there. 
and some progress is better than none.
♥ happy mail on it's way out! lots n lots of happy mail.
♥ thank you Joann's for making every crafter on the planet giddy with excitement over patterned burlap :)

♥ do you like marshmallow fluff? it's ok, but i love the container it comes in ... 
always savin them to store fun things in
♥ oh hey. i'm jaime. and i love making hoops.
♥ my new necklace from my sweet friend Kate ... you can check out her shop here
♥ aaaaaand i deemed the mess in this room as a "work of art" entitled "disaster" :)

♥ rummage sales are still in full swing on the weekends ... this was a good one!
♥ the second pic is the loot i brought home :) and yes, i find lots of globes everywhere i go
♥ this dessert was deadly ... go now and get the recipe
♥ sunday selfie :)

♥ finally made our summer bucket list (some things were already accomplished, so we just checked em off right away)
♥ breakfast, lunch & snacks on the deck are the best
♥ i have a friend who has a beautiful pool, and she told us to come swim this week when it was like 114 degrees 
(kay it was really 92, but felt like 114) thank you friend :)
♥ aaaaand this is a picture of another mess.
this was a little project, that somehow turned big.
and i have no idea how???? (wink wink)
hopefully i'll be done soon, and i'll tell you all about it!

last but not least
on wednesday my hubby surprised me with an overnight anniversary trip 
to a charming little Bed & Breakfast right on the lake! 
he told me go pack ... we're leaving soon ... ack!
it was so pretty there (so so hot) (but so pretty :)
and theeeeen... he took me to all these antique shops that were all mapped out on his gps.
that's what i said
he's a keeper.
heart him.

be back next week with progress & projects!

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  1. I LOVE your chevron hoop!! (and chocolate chip pancakes of course!!) Drop by my blog at my new link party!

  2. Loved this post! I also love that burlap at Joanne's.........I want to make a table runner for my extra long dining room table. I also love, love, love your handwriting ~ it makes me swoon. You are soooooo creative!!! I have the Jesus Calling app on my phone, so I am never far from encouragement. Today's totally spoke to my anxious heart. Have a blessed weekend!!!

  3. Hi Jaime! I have to agree, I may buy fluff for the container ,it's almost vintage! I like! I make choc chip pancakes for dinner too! It's like just desert for dinner! What a special surprise for your anniversary! Gotta love that man! Check out my blog when you have a min.

    Happy weekend!
    xoxo Carly

  4. That's so funny ~ I was just browsing your instagrams yesterday while catching my breath from a crowded baby belly and beating the heat :)

  5. Love all these beautiful pictures. Did you go to Ontario lake or Honeoye or what? I know there are some ADORABLE B&Bs on Canandaigua lake. I'd love to open one someday.

    Amanda Rose

  6. Lovely lovely little tidbits - made me smile!! xoxo

  7. I'm a Project Lifer (and also reading Jesus Calling)! I love the simplicity of it. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  8. Love it all! I had my daughters 6th Hello Kitty Party today and your cute banner was part of the party. So many people commented on it. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I super love following you on IG! Your pics make me smile :)

  10. Sweet photos!! Looks like you are having a wonderful summer with your girls!! xo Heather


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