back to school checklist ... free print ♥

it's coming ... it's at target. walmart, and in my sunday newspaper.
it's here.
and when summer comes to an end and we have to actually get up before noon 8am
it hits us like a mac truck and a tidal wave all in the same day
i'm planning ahead. and made up our day to day school year routine list.
it makes for easier mornings, and nights too.
there's no more "you didn't tell me's" or "i forgot's"
and they get to check off their list with dry erase markers! fun.
(well in the beginning) 
(then they'll slack with the list)
(but stay strong mama's)
stick to the list!

my girls have a small list for three parts of their day
it may seem tedious to have things like "put away shoes" on the list but i've found that if they have a visual somewhere, something that holds them accountable ... they're more likely to do it, then it becomes a habit ... when you come in just throw your shoes in the coat closet.
that's it. good habits. yes.

night-time can easily escalate into frustration time...
giving them a list and a few things to accomplish on their own
seems to help our routine stay more positive

we have top-floor laundry, which is kind of the central area in our upstairs hallway
perfect spot to put the lists up, and have them checked over before getting on the bus
and before going to sleep :)

i left a space for you to write your kiddo's names all fancy like
or maybe they can write their own? :)

i laminated the lists and stuck them to the washer with magnets
i also hot-glued magnets to a metal pail from the target dollar bins 
to hold the dry erase markers

that's all! download the list i made or save the blank one, print and write out your own!
{of course you know that the lists are for personal use only. please. thank you.}
happy list-checking ♥

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  1. looks amazing .
    thanks i downloaded !

  2. *then they'll slack on the list*...
    I had to laugh at that one. So true, but consistency is key I suppose! :) we have a chore reward system that's worked fairly well for a while now, though we slacked a bit this summer with kids being gone at different times for this and that, but overall consistency DOES work (40 diff chart tries later, LOL).

    I love your pretty charts ~ thanks for sharing ~ I needed to revamp mine!!

  3. we've tried a bunch of different things too... the list seems to work for the most part. my youngest is a fan of the lists, my oldest is more of a free spirit :) but she does good with it too ... thanks Kerry! ♥

  4. LOVE this Jaime! So cute and functional! Now can I just have that laundry space? ;)

  5. thanks Mandy girl! the laundry upstairs is awesome! i'm so thankful the hubs & dad put it up there ... we had an empty spot, and thought why not?! it beats climbing 20 flights of stairs to do laundry in the basement :) but not so good cause i like to eat cookies :) hehe.

  6. Love it friend! And thanks for being so generous too. I hope I can stay on this one this year. I started slacking on last years. :) Yay for new beginnings and fresh starts!

  7. Love this! Perfect list :) Pinning it. Printing it.

  8. I love your stuffs! The design looks very cute.

  9. OMG love the idea and the graphics are so adorable ! :) Very inspiring for when I have my own little ones in school! :)

  10. I love this. Even though we have shoe cubbies my little one always leaves her shoes out.

    Don't you just love the target dollar bins? I have a bunch of these pails and use them all over the house!

  11. Jaime you are still just too cute for words!! Your checklist make me miss my little girl!! BUT alas my Kaitlin who is 22 just moved last week to Connecticut to attend Grad school at UCONN!! SO she is makin her own list!! She is so cute she is pinning and doing a lot of cute things for her apartment. She packed with ideals from Pinterest too!! We sat and skyped last night and were pinning together!! So cute!! I miss her a lot!! Thanks for sharing your cuteness!! XOXO Love Fran.

  12. Great idea! Thank you so much for the download and organizing ideas.

  13. Very cute! I'm going to try this! What is the font used on your chart?

    Love the magnet/metal pail idea, so simple but SO handy!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. So stinking cute! Love the graphics of the download AND your blog! So sweet... If you have any desserts you love, we'd love for you to come over to our newest link party over at The Inspiration Network: DELISH- a desserts only link party. Bring your desserts and let's party!!

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  16. Thank you for the pretty list, especially the blank one. After going to the bus stop, two blocks away, I needed to return to the house TWO times for various things. Hoping this list gets my Mini Coopers into shape :)

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  20. I really love the graphics! They were soo inspiring and refreshing. Indeed when you heard the word "back to school checklist", it sounds stressful, but this post gave the back to school list a new meaning and refreshment. Just like how the old methods of printing checklist, documents, photocopying and faxing that were given a new creative touch and art.


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