insta-saturday 2nd summer edition ... ♥

there's only two weeks of summer left
this happens every summer. it flies by.
and i wonder why i let it.
this was the first year i really noticed my girls were not little anymore.
it was really a turning point as far as summers go
sad :( 
anyways, i'll be back next week with a few project-ish type things
here's my 2nd installment of summer instagram pics
you can follow me there ... i'm @raisinguprubies

the hubs took me away for a surprise anniversary weekend, 
monday morning it was back to my regularly scheduled program. 
♥ the view from my deck into my backyard psalms thirty-four. five. 
those who look to Him are radiant. their faces are never covered with shame . 
♥ oh the life of a blogger. i may or may not have fallen 1 minute after 
my daughter took this picture. ouch.

it's weird finding yourself when you're at the library... read more about me & BHG here
♥ i started that little project a few weeks ago ... 
it was coming right along. it just turned from little to big 
♥ found a tool caddy in my nice neighbor's garbage (thanks neighbor) 
got a little coat of pink paint.

have you seen Ed Emberly drawing books? go find them at the library. they're fun.
♥ new fabric = more hoops soon! ♥ hebrews. six. nineteen  we have this HOPE. as an anchor for the soul. firm & secure. ♥ that green goodwill file cabinet find is holding my fabric quite nicely

sent out some long overdue happy mail ♥ flowers from my hubs. 14 years to the day 
♥ yarn. it does a body good. ♥ teeny tiny hoop. love.

the free printable garland that i talked about in my housewarming gift basket post, was simple to make. i need to do one for me now! ♥ colossians. one. twenty one. to them: God has chosen to make known the glorious riches of this mystery which is Christ in you. the hope of glory. 
♥ mugswap2013 was the most funnest thing ever... i'll be blogging about it next week, it was so fun you'll have to be sure to sign up for next year ... you can read all about it and about this awesome girl here.

me and my besties spent the day hitting up all the area thrift stores... we found a bunch of awesome stuff. ♥ this mug. kills me. ♥ my loot from the thrift stores ♥ diy fabric softener ... make your own! i would like to post a little how-to soon :)

arm party day. lovin' my redeemed bracelet from here and my mason jar cup from here ♥ the view from where i worked :) ♥ happiness in a rug. there can be happiness in a rug ya know ♥ new crayons at target made us break out the coloring books later that day.

i love going on Pinterest and watching all those braid tutorials ... but i have a really hard time doing them to myself. is it cause it's doing it in reverse when you're doing it to yourself? yes. that must be it. ♥ oatmeal cream pie recipe from here (nom nom nom) ♥ a clean & sunny kitchen makes for a happy mama ♥ this last picture is of my sunday night routine: 
coupons, popcorn, planners & doris day movies 
(unless of course the hubs is home from work, then it's NOT doris day movies) 
(it's like some guy thing on tv that i happily watch with him) 
(note the hint of sarcasm in my voice)
i {heart} sunday nights ... i really do :)

whatever craft weekend SWAG! read about whatever craft weekend here ♥ summer means so many fun things for us ... library visits are my fav. my kids are older, it means a lot of exploring/reading time for them & crochet time for me :) ♥ i had a few pairs of these booties that i had made at the beginning of the year, thinking i'd start selling these in my etsy shop... only to realize they are really time consuming to mass produce :( so that's a no go. ♥ hoops on sale means hoop making for me has begun!

finally got around to spray painting my craft room chairs!! ♥ my craft room has gotten a bunch of updates, and i can't wait to share a whole new post with you guys as soon as i'm done ... just one more thing to do ♥ we like to go to the lake a lot in the summer ... i've been going to this one spot with my big family since i was a kid ... i love this lake, it's so peaceful and relaxing there ...just layin on a blanket... lookin up through the trees... reminds me of this song ♥ by the end of last week i was soooo tired ... i'd been going non stop. 
just needed rest. to stop. listen and rest.

my gal pal is adopting another baby ... she's so sweet & i love her. read more about her, her cute family, the adoption and this super fun hoop exchange here ♥ my biggest little crocheted this neon pink mushroom :) all by herself, no help from mama ... she started to crochet when she was seven... and now she reads patterns all by herself. and i love here (the mushroom pattern is here) ♥ some days the laundry is my nemesis. so i wrote it a letter:
oh hey laundry. we've been together for a long time. i think we need to take a break. no it's not you. it's me. ♥ i've been staying up waaaay too late the past few night making these ... making things with my hands is good for my soul. 

my etsy shop is one year old this month! hope to have a big sale 
with all new hoops & stock in the shop ... hope to kick it off this week! stay tuned!
ps. my girls are obsessed with this video
they watch it a million times a day
now when they start to tattle or get in each other's business
i say: worry bout yo self.


  1. That video. Dying laughing! That is SO my Ginny!!

  2. Such lovely pictures! I love the coffee cup...she who dies with the most fabric wins! I laughed a little out loud! That's just so great! Lol! Happy new week! xo Holly

    1. thank you sweet Holly! i had to fight my girlfriends for that mug at the thrift store! ha!

  3. I love you & following you on Instagram. I look forward to your photos everyday - they are always beautiful & inspiring. Have a great week - do your girls start school this week or next?

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

    P.S. That video is hilarious!

    1. awww thank you so much! that's so sweet to hear & an encouragement :) school starts next week :( boo so sad. time flies right?

    (Okay, I know your name is Jaime, but I like to refer to you as Rubies).
    I am exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiited to see what you have to say about the mug swap. you are cute. :)

    i also love those chairs. perfect color combo. :)

    annnnnd i'm emailing you.

    1. ha! crackin up! :) you can call me whatever you want cuppakim hehe (as long as it's nice :) mug swap was the just the best ever ... so fun. we love you girlie!! ♥

  5. Great photos. Such cute stuff.

  6. Aw Jaime I LOVED catching up with you!! That is weird I have been thinking about you a lot lately!! And remembering how I first found you and fell in love with you and your blog. Now that Kaitlin is in Conn. I am getting a smart phone and I believe I can get instragram on it!! Maybe I can learn how to use it!! LOL I will be following you for sure and maybe learning a bit from you!! LOL Love seeing what you have been up to!! Lookin forward to seein your hoops!! and new goodies!! You are still very pretty and creative! I love your soul girl!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

    1. thank you sweet lady! i so appreciate you! and how you leave me all this encouragement :) you'll love instagram! do it!! much love ♥ jaime


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