mug swap 2013 ♥

i talk a lot about instagram.
it's really cause i love it so much
the handmade community on there is really awesome
a couple weeks ago, i found Kim
you can read her blog here ... she's the inventor of the mug swap.
where she pairs you up with someone to exchange mugs, but it's a surprise
it was so fun to see everyone sending and receiving packages the past few weeks
if you're on instagram just look up the #mugswap2013 hashtag
and you'll see all the fun pictures

the person i sent to was Katy ... you can read about her here.
she's awsome. and she has this really cool etsy shop here.

this 2nd set of goodies was for Kim herself. the president. the one who's in charge...
and who probably spent hours & hours setting this whole thing up for us.
so she needed a box too :)

the little camera garland is something i sell in my etsy shop
it's a great gift idea for a friend who's on instagram, or who loves photography

the person i received from was Jessica
her box was such a shock to open.
it had gifts and more gifts all wrapped up in paper and she sent me not one mug
but a whole tower of mugs! wow. generous heart this girls got. 

mark your calendars or phones, or whatever.
just be sure to sign up for this next year.
trust me, you won't regret it!!

linking up here! with CuppaKim!

Mug Swap!


  1. Well bless your big ole giving loving heart Miss Jaime!! You are a blessing to all!! LOVE this swap!! I wonder how many people swapped!! Sounds very cool!! I have met some of the best buddies swapping!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  2. So lovely!!! Your are soo generous, love what you sent and got! I was just looking at all the photos! I wish I would have signed up! Next year!! :) xo Holly

  3. Wow,it must have been awesome to participate in such a swap! Plus the mug you chose for kim was sooooo cute! My mum has a pretty big collection of those and we're always looking for precious antiquities and basically polka dot and flower prints I think it's becoming an obsession!! :)

    I wish we made so beautiful swaps here in Spain! Tried some of them and all turned out a disaster!Oops!

    Have a nice week!

  4. Jaime. You are too much. :) Seriously. Rockstar status. I'm totally floored by all the goodies you sent me. This morning my coffee tasted extra delicious in that prettiest of pretty mugs, and I have the cute #mugswap2013 bunting hanging from my bedroom shutters. :) I just love it all. You are so thoughtful, and so talented.

    Thank you for being a sponsor, a swapper, and now a new friend. :)

  5. my package was amazing! thank you so much, jamie!!!

  6. Jaime,
    You made some people happy with your gift of gifts. You really have a knack for putting the ordinary together to make it extraordinary.
    It was so fun to participate; can't wait for next year!

  7. What a fun swap!! Love the Anthro mug!! I have two that I just love! Hope you are enjoying the last summery days! xo Heather

  8. So fun! I definitely need to get in on this next year :) I signed up for Emmy's hoop exchange and I'm so excited!!

  9. I participated in it this year as first swap. It was so fun.
    I love all the wonderful goodies you received and gave to your partner as well.

  10. That sounds like a lot of fun. I love swaps.

  11. Hi!! You are so sweet and gracious and kind. And I'm so happy you liked your package. And that the mugs arrived in one piece!! I was a little nervous in case you couldn't tell from my OCD packaging. ;) So nice to make a new friend - my favorite part of the mug swap!

  12. Gorgeous mugs! I love all the pictures I'm seeing on the hashtag. I am so very sad that I missed out!! I am definitely going to sign up next year!

  13. both of these are so cute. i am soo in love with the mug swap! so many creative people!!


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