ten things ... i really {heart} thursday

i've been all over pinterest this week
sometimes i get so inspired, i just wanna put everything down 
to go and make some of this stuff!

{remember to pin from the original sources!}

i {heart} this diy marquee sign. don't you?! 
and it looks really complicated but it's noooooot.

so i'm all about the pom poms lately ... and garlands
pom poms + garland = big fat happy

more with the pom poms ...
i tried so hard to find some time last week 
to make some of these for my kitchen window
maybe this week it'll happen

school's on it's way ... i know... i can feel it in my bones
i'm sorry but this happy yellow sunshiney teacher gift 
might just take the yucky out of end of summer blues

more often than not i want to take a whole day and just crochet.
it's become a luxury now for me ... not something i have much time for
or make much time for ... but i need to pick up my hooks.
i miss them ... these bracelets!

i big fat puffy {heart} everything about this little girl room
the wall ... the bed color ... just plain happy

sometimes simple is better.
let's go make this right now ... wanna?
it would take 2 seconds.

bows, mint green and necklaces
that's all.

sooooo ... i've been wanting to get a tattoo for a while now
what i want to get has spiritual meaning to me
as in it's meaning is rooted in my faith ... which is essentially who i am.
but ok, really ... for fun ... this fits me so well :)

my one-year shop anniversary is almost here ... whoa. weird.
it's been one crazeee year. and it's flown by.
i'm gonna have some fun giveaways, flash sales and all kinds of pretty coming 
to the shop so stay tuned ... but in the mean time, this quote is truth right here.

much love ♥


  1. I just love going through your posts Jamie it makes me smile-love dee x

  2. LOVE all of these! I have most of them pinned already too :) I made a pom pom garland with those colors for my own house. Love :)

  3. I LOVED all the pom pom love too. SO happy. These are all so great!

  4. All such sweet things!! Have a crafty and blessed day! xo Heather

  5. What very sweet and pretty things! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Holly

  6. Jaime,
    You are as sweet as can be! I'm so happy to have "met" you. Your blog and aesthetic brightens my life just a wee bit! : )

    Thanks, girl!

    p.s. love the last one!

  7. Yes I do want to go make those now, and I'm getting a crafty tattoo like that very soon.

    Amanda Rose

  8. I already love reading your posts. You're so encouraging. :-)


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