insta-friday ... ♥

i really have no idea how it's friday.
i don't know what happened to monday through thursday?
it's a blur.

my shop anniversary celebration was so much fun!
thank you so much to all who ordered from my shop
i appreciate all your love & support ... i really am so blessed by you ♥

then my girls started school yesterday :(

so i know i've been lacking in the creative/crafty post department
but for now here is my life in instagram pics.
i'm raisinguprubies if you want to follow me there :)
and linking up with jeannett here!

life rearranged
getting ready for last week's sale meant tons of hoop making ... 
these were all gone in 20 minutes!

my sunday night routine consists of movies, planners, coupons 
and usually some crazy snacks ... 
do you know there's such thing as marshmallow fruit loops?!

blogging late at night is hard. i always get super sleepy. even though i'm a night owl.

she has this awesome shop. and she sent me a huge box of happy!
aaaaaaand i cant wait to meet her face to face next week!
so very excited.

this is me. tired from staying up too late blogging. 
it was eeeeeearly in the morning... like 9:45
(that's like daybreak in my mind)
and i was already hustlin.

guys what are you doing?
shhhh. were on a bug expedition mom!!
more sunday night routine in action ... 
it's not much, but it's a lifesaver when it comes to planning meals and groceries 
if i stick to it really good :)

we went to the lake one last time
we stopped at the store for a bunch of snacks... 
it was summer's last hoorah

teacher gifts this year to my liking
simple and sweet ... the cute pencils were from the target dollar bins
and i had the jars ... so these two gifts cost just a little bit :)
the teacher questionnaire is a free printable from here

this ikea cart that i got in the spring has been my buddy lately
packing & shipping orders with everything all in one spot makes life waaaay easier
i {♥} ikea
good thing there isn't one around here

i've been struggling with summer being over
i feel like it flew by faster than it ever has in years past.
maybe it's because i noticed my girls are getting bigger
they're out of that little kid stage, and definitely do so much more for themselves
the days just started to vanish 
i kept trying to get ahead of them and not waste time
waste time.
doing things other than focusing on them.
really looking at them when they talk.
and not at a phone
praising and encouraging them
not scolding and reprimanding
taking time to play and include myself in with them 
even if it means not getting something done that seems really important

i don't want to regret. later.
i hate the regret.
it sneaks up on you late at night when they're all tucked in and quiet
and you realize you said no more than yes.

all this overwhelms me lately
i sense God picking me up and carrying me through what feels like unsure ground
the parenting fails
the disappointments
unmet expectations

gently telling me ... nothing is wasted 
nothing is wasted in My hands daughter
walk with Me everyday ... and nothing will be wasted

this is a free printable i posted a while ago ... find it here
next week i'm headed to whatever craft weekend

so so excited to put online names to faces and spend time together ... and craft!
i'll have to tell you all about it when i get back
happy weekend!


  1. GOSH. You have awesome pictures!!
    LOVE the decorative papers --- I'm kind of a nerd about that kind of stuff! LOVE it! The grocery list is lovely!

    1. thanks Mindy!! the grocery list is a free printable that i posted last month or so ... you can find it here:

      thanks for the visit! ♥

  2. I just found your blog and so enjoyed reading this post. Your message on the free printable was just what i needed to be reminded of today - thankyou :-)

    1. so glad you're here! thank YOU! for the sweet comment ... have a wonderful weekend ♥

  3. I feel the SAME way - like summer just got away from us this year! And that's what I've heard round my neck o'the woods....maybe it's because we had a lousey spring?

  4. Happy Crafting Jaime! I'm so excited for you!!!

  5. I just fell down the rabbit hole of your blog. Such lovely, colorful images. And the spray painted craft room chairs...made me squeal! Have fun at whatever craft weekend. I'd love to put my name on the list one of these days!

    Laura @

  6. Thank you for your Godly encouragement! Love you sister xoxo

  7. I love my visits to your blog.

    Oh I feel the same way about summer all just went by way too fast! I would like a summer do over.

    I am so sad I missed your sale last week...:( I had it written down and then just forgot!

  8. You have a beautiful blog! Summer does seem to have slipped away so fast. I am ready for some cooler weather but not ready to give up summer!

    I am your newest follower.


  9. Hi Jaime!
    I love your little girls --and yes, they are still pretty little!-- the elder on the left has the most beautiful teeth! Step aside, Angelina Jolie...and her little sister has long, lovely eyebrows...she's going to be so elegant when she grows up.
    And the smiles? You're right: walk in the Ways of The Lord...and He will reward your work! God Bless you guys!

  10. Your photos are just beautiful, and so are your girls!! :) I've got two girlies of my own (3 & 6) and I feel like I struggle daily with trying to be a better mom. I feel so discouraged and disappointed in myself some days. I hate the regret, too...and you're so right, it usually comes when everyone is at peace, asleep, tucked in safe and sound, and restored to their little angelic selves. I know it's not something I can fix on my own. I pray without ceasing that God will help me be a better mom! :) These moments are so precious and fleeting! Loved this post! Stopping by from Insta-Friday, have a blessed day!!

  11. OMG Jaime I just realized that you read Jesus calling everyday like me!! That little book has helped me so much with Kaitlin moving away!! I LOVE IT!! Your girls are so beautiful and yes growing up!!! OH if only they could stay little for just alittle while longer. I love your little hoops I was trying o see if you had a Michigan one. and then I also realized I have that same material in Americana colors!! LOL I loved it and it was on sale!! LOL Thanks for sharing your life with us!! You are such an inspiration!! XOXO Love Fran.

  12. Great post. Cute teacher gifts & I love the Ikea cart. I've never been in there, we don't have 1 near us.


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