rainbow granny square bunting ... ♥

i've been thinking about how things have been so busy.
my shop has picked up (so thankful :)
and family life, managing the house has proved more challenging
so much so, that i rarely spend time doing anything 
that's not shop/blog/cleaning/cooking related
and that's no good for me.
i need to create.
i need to make things just cause
for my home. for gifts. just cause.
not because i have to or because a deadline is approaching
(even though i love what i do)
i need to have my just cause time
it's good for a makers soul

so i'm trying to change a few things.
call it a night after the girls are in bed
from then on i can craft/relax until bedtime
watch a movie... whatever.

oh i know sometimes i'll have to work late
and Christmas is right around the corner
(you didn't just hear me say that)
but for the most part, at that time of night
i hope to make stuff
just cause.

this rainbow bunting is the first fruits of this new little endeavor
i used the granny square pattern that i found here
once you make a ton in all the colors you love
chain 10 for a beginning tail
 then single crochet into one of the corners and keep single crocheting
all the way across one side of the square
chain 5 in between each square, keep attaching them until you're done
then chain 10 again on the other end.
that's it
happy weekend
happy crafting


  1. it's so hard finding that balance isn't it? i have a hard time fitting in crafting time when trying to balance blogging, the shop, housework, and family life. if only we could get by on only a couple hours of sleep, right? ;)
    i love your cheerful bunting ~ happy creating to you :)

    1. yes!! so hard! thanks for the comment Jen ♥ happy weekend

  2. Lovvvve!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I will make this soon and probably put it over my bed... :)

  3. WHAAAAT???? you're going to call it a night after girls are asleep?????? that's super duper great! welcome to the world of sleep. you'll feel like a NEW person. not that you need to. because you're already pretty awesome. :) miss you!

    1. whoa. hold the phone. let's not get crazy.
      i said call it a night as in stop working. and then craft instead :)
      no one said anything about sleep. cause ain't nobody got time for that.
      love ya. miss ya. ♥

  4. Sooo fun!!! And good for you to plan in "you time" every day (or at least most days). =)

  5. I've had that "just want to craft" bug lately too! "Me time" is good for you!

    1. yes you're right! thanks for the visit!
      have a great weekend ♥

  6. Hey Jaime girl!! How cool that you got to go to that very awesome house for craft weekend!! Every artist can dream about that!! And the chicness of the cuteness of that house would get me!! LOL A lot of eye candy there!! I'd be lookin at it all day!! HEY guess what I am leaving in the morning for Connecticut!! MY SIL and MIL are going. My SIL got us a hotel room in Rochester NY for tomorrow night!! OMG Jaime I have never been to NY or any east coast states!! I've never seen the ocean either!! BUT this week I am goin!! I will think of you a lot and I am goin to a Tim Hortons there too for sure!!! I'll try to keep ya posted!! LOL haven't got my new phone yet!! I am so excited!! XOXO Love Fran.

  7. Cute squares! I've attempted a granny sq before, ....I'm trying to teach myself crochet but I've always been more of a knitter - love to try new things though!! Been knitting baby blankies and trying some new bootie patterns while waiting for little toot's arrival :)
    Creating is such a great natural high ~ I love it!

  8. You have literally taken the words right from my mind! I really feel exactly the same way. I love creating for my shop, but it does become tedious and stressful at times. I'm trying to not put so much pressure on myself. I really love your crochet bunting! If you ever make one again, "just because" I would love to buy one. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing!!

  9. It's just so darn adorable! Love it :)

  10. This is a perfect reminder for me! I'm always trying to convince myself of the importance of doing things just for myself, of saving up some time for creating just for me! But that's not always easy! :)

    The garland is just amazing, as cute as always!! :)

  11. Can't wait to make one now too. Crafting/ creating for yourself is so important! Glad your finding balance; I need more of that myself. Thanks for sharing the cute tutorial!! PS thought of you this weekend as my Middle school girls retreat focused on Esther and her calling. Love your permanent reminder:) Happy creating, Dear!

  12. I'm with you girl... sometimes we need to create to just create. I actually cried to my hubby the other week... weary of the fact that lately its all work, no play. I used to love making things for me, my house, friends and/or family. Not so much anymore. I need to make some changes too -- and commit to them. Thanks for your honesty! Love ya. xo

  13. Thanks for link love. The bunting looks smashing. Never thought of using it like that. All the best.
    My Rose Valley

  14. Just found your blog cause I googled "raising up rubies" in efforts to see how I can incorporate Jesus into my little 1 month old girls life! ( even though she is very young still )

    Im so happy I stumbled along your site! I love your about page and how well photographed everything is. Its very neat and bright. Thank you! I have my own mommy/crochet blog I'm in the works, ever since my daughter has been born tho I have not found the time. I was thinking today about how its probably a lost dream anyway, I have a kiddo now, no one really would benefit from my site, ect. Negative thoughts. It seems o have stumbled upon your work at the perfect time, and I am so glad the lord led me here! Will you please pray for me? I would love to follow the same idea I see on your site, god and craft combined. My site is hopscotchcrochet.com. its sort of a diy free pattern site for projects for little ones. If u have a moment, I would love some direction because u seem like u really know what you're doing!! Or just how do u find the time? Any tips? Appreciate it! I love to make things too! Its such a stress reliever.


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