the most wonderful time of the year ... according to me ♥

i don't usually get personal on the blog
but's it's nice to change up the pace sometimes
and life has been, well...
sorta personal lately

we always go apple picking every year in October
it's tradition
and i think this season is one of the best things about living in upstate NY
(cause it sure doesn't have anything to do with the season after it)

NY is called the empire state ... not becuase of it's apples
i think it's cause the empire state building
yeah ... pretty sure
the hubs likes empire apples
so this is where we usually park

that' my brood
including my dad 
minus my mom ... she was away on a trip
we were sad she wasn't with us
it didn't feel the same
i'm thankful for my parents
they love my family
they support us
and most of the time, they're not that weird

it was late in the season
but still so many apples
tons on the ground crushed and broken
it always seems like such a waste
but they smell so good

that's me.
and my hottie.
i like him
yeah ... i do

my girls are growing up so so fast
not fast enough to be drinking coffee
she's just holding that for daddy
she likes to sneak sips
and daddy lets her get away with it

our family is changing
families do that ya know
you change ... your spouse changes
your kids are constantly changing
and you have to make adjustments
re-learn things

then just when you get comfortable
the cycle starts again
i don't think God wants us to be comfortable in our relationships
i think He wants us to be active & alert
always on the look out for things we can do better

things we can improve
ways we can serve & love better
we're learning...
i'm learning

it's a constant work in progress
this life is...

somedays i just wish the wisdom
could be accquired all together at one time
so it wouldn't be a trial and error type thing

but that's not His Design for us
and that's what i want to embrace
as hard and as unsure as it is sometimes

the farm we go to has a cute little store ... 
i wanted to take all the things home with me

and those tomatoe crates ... i tried to get a few
just by themselves
they very kindly told me they weren't for sale
but the peppers inside were
too bad no one in my family likes peppers
weird. i know.

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” 
Anne of Green Gables

please linger just a little longer fall
you came and went too fast

much love


  1. Beautiful post!! It looks like you and your family are making some amazing memories together. =)

  2. So happy to see a post from you - You've been missed ;) Currently we are in the sunny south and I'm missing all these Fall time of year activities, enjoyed your pictures! immensely.

    1. awww thank you Andrea ♥ fall is the best isn't it?? one reason i could not live in the south :)

  3. Such lovely and pretty pictures!! It was so nice to see you and your sweet family!! I love apple picking too! Happy new week! xo Holly

  4. Great insights, and agreed - fall passes by way too quickly

  5. This makes me really miss MA in the fall. Apple picking in Texas is far and few but we are making up for it I guess by eating a ton of apples anyways. If that counts! You have a beautiful family.

    1. thank you so much Christina! ... so sweet of you ♥ much love

  6. Ahhh... How I totally agree life changes as the seasons do and we are constantly changing. Experiences and challenges are thrown our way on a regular basis ~ some big, some small, but always keeping us on our toes. Your family is beautiful and I too, adore fall!

    1. thank you sweet girl! yes, so true... seasons come and go, we have to embrace and flow with them :)

  7. I agree, life changes are hard...I wish sometimes too it was less trial and error...keep on praying girl. ;-)

    1. thanks for the encouragement :) and the comment ♥ much love

  8. I agree, life changes are hard...I wish sometimes too it was less trial and error...keep on praying girl. ;-)

  9. Love, Love, Love this post. Thanks!

  10. Beautiful family and words! Truth!!
    Blessings to you as you navigate this ever-changing thing called, LIFE.

  11. Thank you, Jaime, for a beautiful walk with your beautiful family. So nice that you quoted Anne of Green Gables.
    Blessings on your day,

    1. thank you Teresa ♥ you are too sweet :) much love today ...

  12. this post made me smile. a lot. october and october babies rule. i should know ;). p.s peppers are nasty. ♥.

    1. oh no, i missed it... gimme that date girl :)

  13. You are beautiful inside and out! So many wonderful truths spoken in this post! Thank you for encouraging my heart today!

  14. Great pictures! Your family is so beautiful :)

  15. Sweet post!!! I totally agree that families/relationships are always changing because that's the way God intended for them to be. It's not always easy, but in the end it is so much better. When my first daughter went off to college last year, even though we thought we were mentally prepared, we were not. It was such a hard adjustment on us all, but our relationship has grown especially because we have to make time to be a family. It's not automatic when everyone is under the same roof. Love your post!!

  16. Hey girl been thinking of you and wondering how you've been and what cha been up to!!! Family time oh how I miss it everyone is spread so far now! Did celebrate my autistic sons birthday on Sunday at his group home!! it was so much fun! My daughter Brooke went also. Your Fall apple pickin pics are awesome and you are right you have a handsome hubby and make a beautiful couple!! Glad to hear from you!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  17. please tell me H was bending his knees and that paige is not almost as tall as him!!!! love you and miss hearing your heart talk over late night convo's. need more. S.

  18. Beautiful family! My oldest was born in upstate NY when we lived there for a while and I have newborn pictures of him taken in the leaves during "peak week" for their color. Your orchard pictures took me back. Yeah, changes are hard and bittersweet aren't they?

  19. I love your blog. You posts always bring me back to Jesus and remind to that God is everything. I'm also from the area and love seeing our beautiful Rochester in such a artistic light with your photos. And it is so comforting to know that there is another fellow blogger out there who loves God and crafting as much as I do!

    Amanda Rose


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