insta friday and a little home tour ... ♥

it's a great day to be friday :)
her house made lovely series is so so awesome
go check it out ... then come back :)

there's a few pics over there of new things i want to share with you soon
i've been a busy bee the past two weeks
wrappin up little projects around the house that have been on my mind
for forever.
including a whole new room tour of my studio
so many things have changed in there since i first blogged about it here
i hope to share that with you guys next week

so take a peek at the past month or so ... courtesy of instagram
you can follow me there i'm raisinguprubies

♥ lunch box notes & jokes. have been the highlight of my kids days.
they talk about them. tell them on the bus. and try to get daddy to guess the answers without giving him too much insight. (cause they know they can't really fool him :)
you can find a lot of them on my print board on pinterest or just search lunch box notes on pinterest. i laminated them so they would last longer ... along with some bible memory verse cards i found on pinterst too.
♥ love this album. go. listen to it.
♥ gray heart sweater sunday selfie
♥ sunday night routine: movie, coupons, and food
(sometimes crafts) (yay)

♥ packaging. my favorite 
these paper chains are so fun
psalm thirty-seven washes over fears, worry and self reliance. go read it.
scarves & sweaters = happiness

♥ magnetic alphabets ... should i spray paint them? was thinking gold ... ?
♥ we glory in our sufferings. 
because we know that suffering produces perseverance. yes it does. romans five. five
happy birthday daddy :) we celebrated hibachi style ... it was a first for two of us
♥ C is for Cookie. that's good enough for me

♥ hi. i'm jaime. i make pretty things for a living.
do you know this gurl? she's cool. for serious.
♥ so i found these 12 days of Christmas old school glasses and thought they might be cute on a shelf or mantle with some pom pom or cupcake paper flowers in them? right? 
but day 3 was missing
then my homegurl found a whole nother set at a rummage sale we went to!
she's like a blood hound. she spots, smells, finds things from miles away. she's my bestie.
now i have two of each, cept number 3
♥ He has done it this very day. let us rejoice. yes.
psalm one hundred eighteen. twenty four.

♥ i make laundry soap. lots of it.
♥ my journal is so very important to me. it's the way i pray ...
do you journal?
was so blessed by this
♥ gearing up for next week, all new Christmas stock in the shop along with some hoops.
i hope.
i'm never ready for Christmas.

♥ front porch is telling me it's fall
♥ roses. he's a keeper. that's all :)
♥ wait. just wait. it's hard i know.
Christmas fabric tape is somethin i've been working on for next week ... 
tags & garlands too

♥ headband side ponytail kinda day
♥ prayers for friends kinda day
♥ His Mercies are new every morning kinda day
♥ more Christmas product kinda day

come back next week ... i wanna show you new pictures of my craft room
♥ happy weekend & much love

linking up with my girl Jeannett :)

life rearranged


  1. Love all this! Would you mind sharing sometime about your journaling?? I love how beautiful it always looks, but it is clear that you make it (and God) a priority and are able to connect in that way. I understand if it is too personal, but I would love to hear how you are able to make the time and make it such a worshipful thing. Thanks, Liz.

  2. I love al your instagrams :) off to check out the tour!

  3. Those garlands you mention... =) Christmas ones or restocking the beautiful ones you had?

  4. Journaling is the way I pray too! I need to do it more consistently! I used to be so much better at it!

  5. I love looking at all your pictures. The colors are so rich and they inspire me! Tenth Avenue North is one of my favorite bands. listen to them a lot when I need some encouragement. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I've just scoured your pinterest board looking for the lunch notes. . .help? So cute. Thanks.

  7. Love all the pictures and things! I'm so impressed that you journal. I'd love to journal andI have tried several times but can't quite seem to get into a routine. Can't wait to see your room next week!!

  8. I'd love to know about your journaling too! Loved this post!

  9. Oh my goodness... So I just saw those Twelve Days of Christmas glasses and I had flashbacks of Christmas's past. My grandmother had them and brought them out for Christmas dinner. We would all start to sing the song and you had to sing the part of what you had on the glass. We would all sneak in there to try and trade cups so we wouldn't get the first day and have to sing a lot. We all hated those glasses but they definitely made some memories.

  10. Oh my goodness what love li ness you are and have!! I LOVE your sweet creations you make and I can't wait to see the new re do of the studio it already rocks!! I still have my copy of your pic!! !! I love the simplicity of your stuff but I know you beat yourself up and you shouldn't girlfriend. You are like me and like the simple things in life they make us happy. Creating is a gift from God and we should never take it for granted!! HE wants us to use it for Him and us. It makes us healthier to release what is inside!! Ok I'll get off my soapbox now and just let ya know I've been missin ya girl!! Get that post out for us to see!! XOXO Love ya girlfriend in Christ and basically just in life too!!! Fran.

  11. Spray paint the alphabet gold? You bet! What a great idea. I can see that photography is one of your many creative gifts. You have a wonderful eye for putting things together in an aesthetically pleasing way.

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! It is always a big slice of happy in my day :). I was wondering, is that your planner under the movie and also under your journal? If so, what kind of planner is it? It seems like a very manageable size and looks cute from the little glances. Also, I'd love to hear more about your Sunday night routine. I really loved your post on your coupon binder so I'd be curious for a little more info. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and beautiful spirit with us! :)

  13. Thanks for the tour, I've enjoyed it very well even though by means of reading, how was the Christmas fabric tape, have you made it yet? quiet exited to see them.


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