on the seventh day of Christmas... ♥

just poppin in tonight with a little sneak peek at what's headed 
day 7 of the 12 days of Christmas will be picked up tomorow
and my holly tags from last year are back 
so snag a set while you can! they'll be listed at 10am EST

along with a new (and favorite of mine) mason jar garland
bright winter white "baby it's cold outside" with pom poms & polka dots
beat those snowy january post holiday blues with one of these happy garlands

be back with those laundry room pics!
happy shopping!!


  1. Everything is sooo adorable Jaime!! Happy December!! xo Holly

  2. I love the mason jar banner!! So cute. You have the best stuff!

  3. Just adorable garland!! LOVE the white pom poms!! Do you have your tree up yet? I am gettin the living room ready for it!!! LOL Still gotta dust!! You make the most adorable things girl!! I think I am one of your biggest fans!! LOL Keep on keepin on!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  4. SO adorable!! I love everything that you make :)


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