Monday, December 23, 2013

peppermint in a jar ... a quick last minute gift

Friday was the last day of school for my girls
we have 2 full weeks off and i'm so so happy
i'm not a morning person
but i'm trying to be better about that.

i love to give gifts ... and i love to make gifts
even though i never have enough time for all the big ideas i have
i say every year that i'm gonna start my Christmas gifts in august
yeah that never happens.

so for the past few years i've given a few of these jar gifts
 to teachers, bus drivers, school secretaries ... and just about anyone else i can think of

i orginally saw this idea here ... but tweaked it a little bit 
to include any things that looked striped or like peppermint candy
(everything came from the dollar bin, travel, or Christmas section at target)

made some labels then used a big scalloped punch & some glue dots
to attach them to the top of the jars
(the white lids are freezer jam lids that are with the jars and other canning supplies)

i actually went back to pick up a some more supplies to make a few more jars 
and they were all out of the peppermint bark & the face wipes :( 
so i improvised with some Christmas kleenex travel packs 
and hershey's candy cane white chocolate bars ... i like how they both turned out.

the mason jar tags were from my 12 days of Christmas sale last month
they were one of my favorite things!

if you're looking for a quick gift for tomorrow or wednesday,
these jars are super easy & quick to put together
and here are the lables just for you! from me ♥

have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


  1. Such a cute idea!! Will definitely pin this for future reference! enjoy your sweet family the next two weeks!! Yippee!!

  2. Such a cute little gift idea!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! xo Holly

  3. Oh my stars girly!! This is sooooo adorable!! Have a Merry Christmas and a new Year full of Gods favor!! Xoxo

  4. Super cute idea!! I love the peppermint stipe theme!! Merry Christmas!!


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