cupcake paper flowers ... ♥

i've had a few inquiries about the paper flowers 
that were on my craft table in the Better Homes & Gardens feature :) 
i originally got the idea from Martha here and just tweaked it a little 
by using the natural brown color floral wire 
(i liked that idea better than using the green floral tape)

so thought i'd share! come on, let's make some stuff ♥

gather up your glue gun, the floral wire & some cupcake papers
these colors were inspired by that jar of conversation hearts i have sitting on my craft table :)

it's simple really, and the pictures will walk you through it ... 
poke wire through paper, hot glue near the middle and pinch around the wire
(don't burn yourself!!)

repeat 3 times, or more, depending how puffy you want your flowers

ta-da! see?

what the bottom looks like :)

these would be a sweet Valentines Day gift
find a can or glass jar, wrap some ribbon or kraft paper around it and deliver :)
it'll be loved ... promise.

my craft room is happy it's Valentines Day too ...

short & sweet ♥
make lots :)
happy crafting! 

sweet parties here ♥

shop update ... ♥

i put together a cute & easy tutorial over at Everything Etsy
if you want to hop over and check it out ...
they make for great school Valentines ... minus all the sugar :)

these mini Valentines Day notebooks are also for sale in the store

aren't they fun?!

some other cute things are listed for Valentines Day too ...

conversation hearts
(the non edible kind :)

and conversation heart tags

chevron neon heart tags
(doesn't get any better than chevron, neon & hearts)

sweet little mason jar bunting

love Valentines Day 
have i mentioned that before?
well i do

happy shopping ♥

valentine ballerina pinwheels ... ♥ with fptfy!

i feel so blessed
by all your words of encouragement to me last week
and all the congratulations you gave me
i can't say thanks enough
for reading, following, and for ... well ...
lovin' this little blog here
i appreciate you all so much

enough with the mushy
another Valentines day project comin' you way today!
teamin' up with my bloggy bestie

♥ Keren from Free Pretty Things for You ♥

Click HERE to download the image for this project!

Keren's pretty little vintage ballerina image is cuter than cuteness
it had to be used for something Valentines-ish
i can't say it enough ... Heart Day crafts are just my favorite!
come on, let's make some stuff ♥

print, cut, then gather some supplies:
scrapbook paper, white tulle, paperclips and some ribbon 
(last two are not pictured)

i cut a small piece of tulle and scrunched it up 
then put it through the sewing machine to give the tutu a little dimension :) 
(hot glue would work too)

one. ♥ for the pinwheels, start by cutting your paper down to 8.5 x 8.5
two. ♥ cut that piece into four even sections
three. ♥ fold each piece into four sections (like a fan) 
then fold the whole thing in half, and paperclip the two sides together
four. ♥ do it for all four of the square pieces, 
using the paperclips to connect them together
(i used two paperclips to secure the middle as well)

flip it over and glue the ballerina to the front

punch a hole in the top to thread some ribbon through
lastly ... make more!

are you having a Valentines Day party? or a little girl's birthday party?
simple & fast party decor ... and cute to boot :)

thanks again to lovely, sweet Keren, for providing the vintage image!

happy crafting ♥

sweet parties here ♥

me and a little BHG ...♥

it's here.
ok, so the February issue of Better Homes & Gardens came out this week
and i just had to take my girls to the store so we could be silly 
and take silly pictures of me holding a picture of me in a magazine

that sounds normal right?

14,732 pictures later (and some blur) we got these:

this feels sorta weird ... 
like somebody made a big deal outta something you did 
that didn't seem like a huge deal when you did it
i really like to make stuff - i've always wanted to sell pretty things in an etsy shop
and i want to pass the skills i know & love down to my girls
so even if they don't become professional crafters
they'll still remember me teaching them things
spending time with them
loving them

that's what my craft space was... 
just a vehicle to get me somewhere that i want to be 
as a mom - a home maker - and as a child of God
'cause let's face it ... my true self worth
has nothing to do with myself
it has everything to do with my identity in Christ

so if you see any good in me
it's not me
i'm just a vessel

just wanted you to know who i am 

oh hey! i'm guest posting over at 
with my behind the scenes story about the photo-shoot last year
so cool right?! thanks BHG!!
check it out!

simplify your kitchen ~ organize kiddie drawers ... ♥

happy Monday!
we're off to a running start here this week at my house
with a super busy week behind us ... there's more hustle & bustle ahead!
i have been going through and organizing different spots in our kitchen, 
so if you're just poppin' in you can click on the links below 
to see the rest of last week's projects ...

those first two things seemed to be most pressing for me ... 
the spices were buggin' me and the fridge really needed some help
a good cleaning and to have things in more of an order for breakfast & lunch packing 
these 2 big drawers in the middle of our kitchen are another area that sees a ton of use
so it tends to get messy very quickly .. 

the top drawer holds kid-friendly cups, paper plates, straws, vitamins 
and the other lunch packing items that don't need to be refrigerated

that whole packing individual snack bags when i get home from the grocery store thing?
still goin' strong :) and the girls really look forward to having some say in picking what they want to eat that day :)
the little white lids are containers that hold granola or chocolate chips, 
easy for grab n go when they're taking yogurt in their lunch.
i really do love mason jars, use them for anything guys! 
stick some granola bars in 'em and it looks all neat and tidy

the bottom drawer is the "snack drawer"
and if you ask my youngest ... the most important place in the house
if there was a fire ... she'd be runnin' to save the snacks 
again, it's easy access for breakfast, and after school snacks
i try to find baskets at garage sales or thrift stores to use in drawers & cabinets
it keeps things contained so you see what you have, keeping you from over-buying 
or thinking you've run out of something when you really have a ton of it
...the larger square basket holds cereal boxes or any larger packaged items
and the little basket of clothespins provides easy access to snack bag closure
(i just made that up)
(ya know, so stuff doesn't go stale?)

well that's it ... short & sweet
thanks so much to everyone who left me such sweet comments 
& sent emails over the weekend
from last weeks projects to those who saw my craft room feature in their mailboxes ...
thank you!
the issue hits new-stands tomorrow!
so I hope to back to show you some pictures!
with much gladness in my ♥

Linking up to ...

Pretty Valentines Day Bunting ... ♥

This little project is really nothing new ...
just a different spin on an already popular idea :)

i looooooooooooove Valentines Day
all the pink-ness, heart-ness, pink-ness, and heart-ness
{did i mention i love the pink & the hearts?}
i found these shabby cupcake papers and the butterfly in the dollar bins at Michaels
gather up some doilies, beads and cording of any sort 

i threaded all the beads on first so i could start sewing the twine into the paper 
without having to re-thread my needle a bunch of times
fold the doilies & cupcake papers in half

then take your sewing machine cover off ... and find a little deer :)
my littlest little left this here ♥
{she later asked me if i found my "surprise" ... she's so funny ♥}
ok, so put a clothespin on the end your starting with 
to keep the first bead from falling off

fold the papers over the twine and sew
placing the beads in between each doily as you go

stitch right underneath the twine, being careful not to catch it 
if you want to be able to adjust the spacing later when it's hanging

hot glue the butterfly wherever your little heart desires
tie a loop on each end and you're done ♥

happy Valentines Day crafting :)
and i have one more quick post about my kitchen org coming up soon :)
with gladness in my heart ♥ psalm. four. seven.
sharing here ♥
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