just write printable pencil valentines

last weeks free print {that you can grab here}
got my creative wheels turning!
valentines day is next week! plenty of time to print these mini versions 
and make some for school, friends or teachers
yay :)

you need a few things ...
the "bakers twine" is actually a very thin cotton yarn from joanns! 
they have a few different colors too
and compared to real twine this stuff is super cheap. 
around $2-3 and you can use a coupon if you have one
the pencils are in the target dollar bins
a hole punch and pinking shears 

cut out the freebies and punch two holes side by side 
towards the top & the bottom of the card
tie the pencil to the card with the string. simple.
i cut the one side with pinking shears ... just cause.

you can download the printable page {right here}

other exciting news ... 

yes. red mason jars. 
with handles.
i die.
my mom found these for me at Marshalls ... which is kind of like TJ Maxx
if you wanna try to hunt some down fo yo self :)
(have you seen this video? my girls watch it over and over and over)
(a million times. never gets old)

and that little heart garland? you can buy it here.
so cute.

happy making stuff ♥

ps. there's a little coupon code running in the shop today & tomorrow
just in time to get those last minute valentines goodies

IHEARTYOU20 = 20% discount at check out :)


  1. hi there. just wondering....do you plan to put your dress garlands back up in the shop? I keep looking....and hoping :) blessings~~angela

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this adorable free printable, just in time for V-Day! I love Valentine's Day! So fun. Thank you for the discount to use in your shop as well. I discovered your blog and shop via Instagram and really like your style! Your home-based craft studio is a dream!

  3. Thanks Jaime!
    (and my kids love our "baby it's cold outside" jarland...reminds us of the Elf movie!)

  4. That is such a cute idea! Could you possibly tell me where you got your pattern for your crocheted hearts? Thank you! :)

    1. the heart garland is from my friend's etsy shop! so i don't have a pattern for these ... you can find them in her shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/beautyinbloom

  5. Just LOVE all your stuff and cuteness!

  6. I've seen a bunch of different "just write" Valentines but yours is the cutest. Perfect for my daughter's pre-k class since they are all learning to write their letters! Thanks for the printable!

  7. Super cute! Thank you very much for sharing this printable: y daughter will be using these in school.... :)

    Also: Oh my! Holy red mason jars, batman!! Wish we had a Marshalls nearby...!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

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  9. I've been reading your blog for some time now, I love your style, so I thought it was about time that I commented, so here I am:)

    I just love the garland and the red Mason jars - oh my, how gorgeous:)

    I just wondered if I could ask where you got the lovely planner that you use and that is photographed in this post. It's very pretty. I have an A5 size diary and it is just not big enough!!

  10. Thank you so much for this pencil printable. It's exactly what I was looking for for Valentines this year!

  11. Thanks for sharing these! They are adorable:)

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