pencil garland for teacher ♥

happy valentines day to you!
hope it's a day full sweetness ♥

just poppin in to share another way i used the valentine printable from last week 
we made a garland for my little's teacher to hang on the chalkboard in her classroom
this would actually make a great teacher gift for anytime! not just valentines :)

after cutting the cards we strung them on some twine 
and tied short pencils onto the spaces in between
(string one card and then tie the pencil on before stringing the next one)

really cute, i kinda wanted one for myself.

i set up for my first craft show last weekend, it was so much fun
but so much work! i took lots of pictures and will share it with you soon
i had some surplus inventory and some new items from the show 
come on by and take a look if you like pretty things ♥


  1. Super cute! Love the coffee hoop you made. So cute!!

  2. Yes craft shows are hard and even harder when you co-chair them at church and are in them!! LOL Believe me as I know!! Right now we are plannin a summertime one along with the back to the bricks car show!! It is gonna b called "Junk in your Trunk" sale kinda like a flea market/crafts!! It will be in our church parking lot!! To make it cooler I am layin the law down of you have to have a car or truck in your spot!! It has to be cool!! LOL and I would rather spell it JUNQUE but some people don't get it!! WHY? Guess what I am havin a new granddaughter in July!! Madeline Grace AKA Maddie!! AND your stuff is sew sweet!! Keepin my eyes open girlie!! and my banner I got will fit in great for the groovey funky farmhouse shower I am given!! I am so excited!! XOXO Love ya Fran.aka grannie frannie

  3. This is so precious and totally calling my name to make for my Preschool classroom and for my daughter's Preschool teacher. Thanks Jaime!


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