AmyJ comes to NY ... and a free printable ♥

she's here! AmyJ!
my best bloggy buddy is here ... really here in New York
like at my house. like in my craft room.
not that i'm excited or anything

we're shopping, eating, shopping .....and eating.
oh and talking. lots of talking ... and laughing!

aaaaand she's been teaching me a little bit of her design magic.

we had fun making this free printable just for you :)
it's a combination of my journal doodling & Amy's pattern making
isn't it pretty?!

tomorrow we'll hit a bunch of thrift stores and maybe some garage sales in between
so exciting!


  1. Friendship is the bomb!! No matter where it comes from but true friendship usually comes from God!! Like I said before you guys look alike and could be real sisters!! I already know you're soul sistas!! Yay so happy happy for you!!! XOXO Love Fran.

  2. Have a fantastic time and don't forget to do some more eating .....and shopping!!!

  3. How fun!! Glad you two are having an awesome time! Love the printable :)


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