summer's here ♥

this is the last week of school for my girls.
so summer's officially here

that flew by. feels like we just started the year
i'm so glad summer is here.

i'm so glad the past is behind. we had a tough winter/spring.
we're going on a few vacations and i'm really really really excited.

 i'm looking forward to the next few months filled with time with my husband and my girls
... and some spray paint
are you spray painting all the things too?

we're headed to the beach in a few weeks
so excited to take my Project Life stuff with me and get it started
all i need to do is print my pictures before we go!
if you've never heard of it, just spend some time at the link above
and i have a whole pinterest board full of free printable journaling cards
and layout ideas ... it's the new, easy, non-stressful way to record memories and keep pictures

 then we ate this.
(recipe here)

and then i got these.
teacher gifts!

i still need to get pictures of our family room ... 
it's all done! just need to show you already.
this is such a happy corner. 
let's call it happiness in a corner
i'm such a weirdo.

i love to bake. do you? well really i just love cookies. 
that's all. that's really the truth. i just love the cookies.
i made these for my dad and i'm addicted ... recipe is here

i put a few new hoops into the shop last week 
which you might know already if you follow me on instagram 

the mini state hoops are back in the shop too
available to order ... they ship out in 10 days or so 

aaaaand there's a little coupon code up in the shop today & tomorrow 
for 20% off your entire purchase
use the code SUMMERTIME20

so what big plans do you have for the summertime??
tell me in the comments! i'll pick a name later in the week
and send the winner a state hoop (with the state of their choice of course :)

happy start of summer ♥


  1. We're heading out of state to attend a family wedding the end of this month...then back home to enjoy our grandchildren. Family grill nights and lots of pool swimming! Having my six grands all together at my home is the best kind of vacation for me! : )
    I hope you enjoy your summertime!

  2. Big Plan: doing a whole lot of NOTHING :D

  3. Girl you are KILLING me with all of the inspiration! I just pinned two images from this one post. Loving it! :)

  4. Cross country move, courtesy of the US Navy. From SC to Washington. A little terrified and a little excited.

  5. Everything is so pretty and colorful!! I just adore your craft room! Your living room looks super cute and fun too!! :) Hope you have a wonderful summer and very fun trips!! :) Yay for summer being here!!! :) Happy sweet day! xo Holly

  6. We are in the midst of Vacation Bible School; my Kiddos are too old to attend, but they love leading the littles. So early mornings mean laid back afternoons. Love all of your inspiration, girl!
    xo, Susan

  7. I've got a family reunion next month, and we're preparing for our little girl's arrival in SEPTEMBER! Eek... Happy Sunday!


  8. My summer will consist of a couple of trips with my family. One to visit family members who live several hours away and the other trip is a week long trip to the beach. I love summer in the south!!

  9. We'll be spending the next few weeks preparing to move - YIKES!!!! Love the inspiration. Have a blessed summer.

  10. My plans also include a project life book! (that has been sitting unopened on my shelf for about three months now.) We are keeping things simple this summer---lots of sprinklers on and story time at the library. And lots of coffee.

  11. What awesome ideas! I love all the color you incorporate into your home and life. I do the same thing and its nice to see someone else loving color. I'm actually back in college so I'm doing classes this summer while my oldest daughter is a counselor at a Christian kids camp for the summer and my other daughter is babysitting. No big trips planned this summer. Have a great week!

  12. My family all got bikes so we are going to a lot of biking :)

  13. Love your spray paint friend who is addicted to spray painting, would be soooo jealous. We planned on taking a trip to Florida, but decided to move there instead... So mostly we will be packing, and moving, but I'll get a bit of a vacation out of it

  14. Last summer I started reading the Bible. I really enjoyed taking my time and reflecting on the passages. When school started (I am a teacher.) I did not feel like I was getting as much out of my reading time, so I plan to resume my daily studies and finish reading it.

  15. Going to visit family in Utah for 3 weeks. Lots of fun with the kids. Where did you get your boxes for the cookies? Perfect.

    1. Hi Rebekah! they were just disposable containers from my grocery store! i don't remember the brand though... maybe Reynold's?? thanks so much for the visit! ♥

  16. I grew up in Washington State with all the lush green trees, rivers, mountains..... we are a military couple, and my hubby got relocated to OKLAHOMA... needless to say, it is NOTHING like WA lol... I'm trying to get used to the heat, and lack of water ;) . My new craft /quilting room is coming along, with new paint on the walls. Today, I am moving things back into the room, and discovering I have a wonderful clean slate to bring in lovely things that make me happy.

  17. we are looking forward to camping at the beach here in nc

  18. We just got back from making thumb prints in the thumb of Michigan celebrating our 15 years of marriage!! We had a blast I got to get a bunch of pics of goats!! My favorite animal!! I makin another goat doll now!! they are just so dang cute!! We are goin back in August for a Civil War Re-enactment and then in August we have week long passes to our county fair which means more goats for me to snap pics of!! Woo Hoo!! I am super glad summer is here!! AND we have a grand girl due July 1st!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  19. Beautiful hoops ... and I always enjoy when you show photos of your devotional journaling. Very inspiring. I do the same but my handwriting is not as beautiful as yours. My summer looks busy with a lot of time spent with my elderly dad. He needs a little extra attention right now so I am spending an hour or two or three there every day. Trying to begin the task of clearing out items in his home that he doesn't know are there and never sees or uses. My goal is to clear the attic in June, the main floor in July and the basement in August. This won't get it all, but is a starting point. There are lots of vintage items there, so in a way it's sort of fun. In early August we plan 2 days at the ocean with friends, and in late Sept. (I know, no longer summer) we hope for a lake getaway to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Love your blog!

  20. Man, you're talented! I just found your blog so I guess I will spend some time reading and drawing inspiration.


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