Wednesday, July 1, 2015

i {heart} vacation.

every year when school ends we hit the road and head to the Carolinas.
we love it here. (here as in we're here now :)
i dream of moving to Charlotte one day. but we have deep roots in NY so i dunno how that's gonna play out, but hey a girl can dream right?

maryland is so lovely. we stopped in frederick for breakfast ... so much shopping and their wegmans is huge! 

coloring pages from my bestie AmyJ. kept me busy in the car ... rainbow sharpies and cupcakes. cause what else is there? these coloring pages are so so cute, Amy just opened a new extension of her digital download shop and it's all just for kids! paper dolls, coloring pages, play kits ... you have to go see everything. she's just so talented i'm always oooohing & aaaahing everything she makes.
look look look

we made the paper doll binder house!
i'll post more about that later...

ok back to chickfila and other food related items

if you've been around for a while you know i've mentioned there's no ChickFilA in NY ... well in NYC there's one. but that's 8 hours from me sooo yeah. 

it's our lunch stop along the way (unless we're driving on a sunday which we try to avoid intentionally cause i'm clearly obsessed)

peach milkshakes for the win. and the hubs is a die hard coffee man. 
(he could care less about chickfila) 
(i think he'll be glad i clarified that)

 tired & grumpy travelers. but i got some smiles anyways

the other day we ran out to get a few things and went into Lowe's. 
um. where has this place been all my life.
it's the most awesome store!

these rocking chairs ... i want them all

we went inside and i started taking pictures much to my husbands dismay.
he likes to shop like a ninja.
get in. and get out.
that's his philosophy. for real. ask him.
he should start a hashtag #shopninjastyle

i love it almost as much (maybe more) than wegmans
but you didn't actually hear me say that

next to chickfila. this is my 2nd most favorite place.
there's no krispy kreme in NY either

the light was on so we had to get a dozen. only 10 made it home though.

this is my in-laws front porch.
it says come on in. we have food here.
and a free place to stay. 
and wifi.
oh and the beach. they have the beach.

i think they're having fun. 
and goggles for dayzz.
my girlfriend told me we look like teenagers in this picture
we kinda sorta do huh?!
but we're not.
we're really old

why is shopping always better on vacation?
this was a brand new hobby lobby they just built right down the road from my mil's house
can you imagine. i'd be in trouble.

i have a bunch of projects to share with you soon.
my shop is closed for the summer so it's my hope to spend lots of crafting time with my girls
get some projects done around the house and make a little time just for me. to create.
this creative full of color girl needs some of that ya know?
be back soon and much love.


  1. Looks like a great place to spend the summer and always great to find your favourite eating places.

    1. foods & shopping are always more fun on vacation! happy holiday! xo.

  2. Looks like you are hitting all the good spots on the way. Have a great vacation!


  3. I love your shop and your blog! I have an Etsy shop also, I'm working on growing it. Your shop and your faith are very inspiring. <3 Have fun at the beach! We're headed there on Friday!

    1. thank you so much Leslie! have a great holiday weekend & happy 4th! xo.

  4. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us, Jaime.

  5. Looks like a great holiday. I noticed the adorable cross body purses that your cute girls had in the one photo. I would love to know where you got them. Etsy perhaps? I have been looking for something just like them. Michelle.

  6. hi Michelle! they are from Vera Bradley :) thanks for the visit! jaime xoxo


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