a play restaurant kit in a box ♥

my youngest had 2 birthday parties to go to this past saturday 
and we recently printed & laminated this cutest ever play restaurant kit (so cute i die) from my dear friend AmyJ's etsy shop. she recently opened a separate store just for kids printables, and really there's so much in there that you'll just want to make & play with and you'll be sad you're a grown up. i'm serious.

so i had the idea to print out sets for birthday presents and to put everything in a sort of kit so the recipients would have everything they needed to play. aren't the menus cute?! 

here's some info about everything i bought and used :)
- the yummy food restaurant kit 

i'll explain a little about how i laminated the printables. you can use them just as printed on paper but if laminated they can be used over and over with dry erase markers. this little scotch laminator is available at so many stores. i bought this at joanns for $25 after using my coupon and i think i saw it at target in the back to school section last week for a reasonable price as well. the laminating pouches came in a pack of 50 at target for $13 or so. reasonable i think, since we use the laminator for a lot of other things ...
so you'll see below i laminated some as whole sheets and some i cut before laminating. it turns out that just laminating everything and then cutting later with a paper trimmer was easiest and worked the best. for the coins in the kit i punched them out with a one inch circle punch and then laminated them in a pouch, then cut around each coin. time consuming yes, but i coerced my girls to do it for me while they watched a movie :)

-storage bin 

-play food (in toy section at target) & kiddie plastic plates, cups & silverware 
(in kitchen section at target and only .79 cents each!)

 -a small three drawer organizer (target)
-pack of dry erasers (not pictured)
for this little organizer box i printed an extra menu from Amy's kit and cut the name to fit into the top of the box like you see here.

these drawer labels were not part of the kit, i just whipped em up in publisher and printed them out and laminated. then used hot glue to attach

-you'll need large rubber bands or long cord for the name tags

 -play apron (we got one at joanns and decorated it a little bit)

and i think that's everything! we put everything in the storage bin as shown and wrapped a ribbon around the whole thing. they were a huge hit! if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments, and i'll do my best to answer them :)

much love ♥


  1. I would love to see this without the food (since we have pretnd food coming out of our ears!) So adorable and so dun!!

  2. Is that not the cutest thing ever?! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

  3. Super cute...as usual. :) I think I will buy this kit for my daughter who loves to play restaurant. And what a great gift idea.

  4. You totally win the coolest mom award! I LOVE this! So much thoughtful all up in this gift!

  5. I just put together a little restaurant play kit like yours, and I know it's going to be a huge hit with my friend's little girl tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing the idea!!!

  6. Just adorable what little girl wouldnt want this... I know if I showed my grand daughter she would want it in a minute lovely with love Janice

  7. Okay, seriously. How adorable is that!! And, it's all ORGANIZED! Love it!


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