insta June and a free mini calendar ♥

i'm so excited for summer! i think may & june are my favorite months ... it's the anticipation of all the road trips, sleeping in and smores :)
new calendar is here for your planners, bibles, or just to hang on a cute feather garland like i did right here::

may was busy ... lots of work, and house stuff.
and kid stuff

and the flowers! everywhere i turned i was busting out my camera
i just can't get enough of it

the stitching the states full project kit is back in my etsy shop, but only a limited quantity for the summer months. i won't offer it again until the holidays, so if you've been thinking of starting your own map head over here and get yerself one #treatyoself

some of my digital designs are in Illustrated Faith's print and pray shop here you can print these out, then cut & paste into your bibles ... for only a few dollars they're fun to work with ♥

well summer ... it sure is good to see you.
just stay for a really long time please ... just go by really reallllllly slowwwwww.

enjoy ♥

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  1. Beautiful you Beautiful pics!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.


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