bathroom remodel ♥

hello friends.
i posted a few pictures of our bathroom remodel a while back on Instagram 
and i promised i would post in more detail about the project here on the blog, 
with some source info & a few before pictures too ♥
(even though i always forget to take those until it's too late #bloggerprobs)

we moved into this house almost 13 ago after leaving a small starter house that we had lived in for a couple years ... when we got here the house had been updated in some ways but in a lot of ways i knew it would take a while before we made this house our home. 

over the years we've been through every room in the house updating, tweaking, renovating ... except for the main bathroom upstairs - it had been one of the last things on the list because we knew it would be a big job as well as a pain to tear apart because it's the only shower in the house.

my husband & my dad did most of the work installing a new window, shower/tub, vanity, sink & toilet - and we purchased everything right at home depot.

Home Decorators Collection 49 in. W Marble Vanity Top in Arabescato Venato
Home Decorators Collection Thornbriar 48 in. W x 21.52 in. D Vanity Cabinet in Cement

the old tub & shower unit was original to the house (almost 40 yrs) and needed to be torn out completely - new drywall had to be installed behind it as well because of water damage

Delta Classic 400 32 in. x 60 in. x 74 in. 3-Piece Direct-to-Stud Alcove Surround in White

Delta Classic 400 60 in. Left-Hand Drain Rectangular Alcove Bathtub in High Gloss White

all the hardware for the sink & shower was from Home Depot as well

we opted for a separate tub & shower instead of a single unit mainly because we wanted the bigger/deeper tub since my girls love to take bubble baths (and by bubble baths i mean sitting in the tub for an hour reading books & watching 5 minute crafts until i yell time to get out) 
(the other day one of them asked me if i would bring a snack up to them cause they were getting hungry....???? um. no.)

the aqua rolling cart was from ikea a few years back, but i think they still carry it and i know i've also seen a similar version of it at Michaels as well. i'm using it to store hand towels, washcloths and some shower supplies that are handy to have nearby but not in the shower 
(razors, shaving cream, shower comb... you get the idea :) 
the shower curtian (which i love) was from world market ... i purchased it probably three years ago and was holding onto it for when we remodeled. i can't seem to find it anywhere on the interwebs so i'm thinking it's been discontinued :(

i've had a lot of questions about the flooring we chose - it was a grayish wood colored waterproof laminate safe for bathrooms, and yes, we went right over the existing tile, added new molding and it worked like a charm. we considered tearing the tile out but it was level and undamaged so we decided against the extra work & mess!

thinking the wall behind the toilet is looking kinda bare
got my eye on this adhesive wall paper from target but we'll see :)

the window in our bathroom was fairly large (not a typical bath size window) so when we replaced it, i knew i would want to keep it open as much as possible since it lets so much natural light into the bath & upstairs hallway - i shopped for weeks to find panels that i liked but they were either room darkening, too long or too short. so when i saw this simple white shower curtain it dawned on me to cut it right up the middle in half and i would have two panels that were the perfect size. i also bought a cloth shower curtain liner (did the same thing by cutting it in half) and hung it behind the white curtain on the same hooks for another layer of privacy (i hemmed the raw edges i cut with stitch witchery and the iron:)

the green clock was on clearance and target & the canvases are from at Home

we have one storage space/closet on the upper lever and it's in the bathroom behind the door - not ideal but we make it work - it's an open space with no doors so i try to keep it organized and a bit styled since it's all out in the open - the metal caddy holds products we use on daily basis and are within easy reach (plus it looks pretty :) the baskets house towels, products, toilet paper, kleenex etc.

the large white framed mirror is from Lowes

i forgot to take a picture of the old vanity and mirror before it was ripped out but it was just an average builders grade bathroom setup, nothing special 

i think the previous color was called lettuce leaf green ... yikes.

and the dreaded boob light ... who's idea was it to install those lights in every house in america? :)

it honestly feel like i'm in a hotel bathroom everytime i go in there ♥ it's clean lined & simple with a little bit of color here & there - such a huge difference! if i missed anything or if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me in the comments, i'll do my best to answer. :)


  1. love your new bathroom! where did you get that metal caddy in your closet? it is so cute & i could use it in my home!

  2. so bright and pretty! i really giggled at the Boob light... and, the request for a snack!

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