Thursday, October 24, 2019

autumn basket wreath

Fall is in full swing here in upstate NY - the leaves are on fire and the weather is chilly in the evenings
it's one of my favorite times of year here where we live. Life has been so busy and full with field hockey & volleyball games, senior year activities & a new teenage driver with her own car & new job (yes. tell me about it.) but I've been sharing on instagram about how i have been trying to simplify my holiday/seasonal decorating methods by choosing few but meaningful pieces to spread throughout our home while still keeping it cozy ...

I was searching for some simple fall inspiration to replace the lemon wreaths on our pantry doors,
when i stumbled on these $3 tobacco baskets in the target dollar section

with some wool pumpkins i had leftover & wire florals i found on clearance for $2 at Joanns -
i layered all three together with some hot glue

i used command hooks to hang them on our pantry doors
and my fall decorating is now complete :)

If you pick these baskets up to make your own, 
you can fill it with any combination of things for any season or holiday - 
changing it up for Christmas would be so easy.

With life being as busy as it has been, I've been doing lots of reflecting in my down time ... on how this season we're in feels alot like fall too - our girls are getting older and will soon have their own lives apart from us - like everything we've done as parents up to this point is now a culmination of how they will choose to live out life and the paths they choose to take - it's a strange scary feeling - like something is coming to a close and it's almost time to let go. I don't handle lack of control very well that's for  sure...

 As a mother you spend so much time watering, grooming, teaching, protecting, guiding and then just like that their true colors, personalities & individual choices are out on full display -from all the little + big somethings to the end results - like the trees and their leaves outside my window.  

... but as always and as hard as it is to do most days, I am trusting in God to fill in the gaps i left and taking comfort in the absolute knowledge that He's holding on to them much tighter then i ever could. 
what season of life are you in friends? tell me in the comments below
i'd love to hear your stories too. ♥


  1. Reading this put a lump in my throat, mine are younger, but that feeling...oh goodness. Love the pantry wreaths, so charming!

    1. thankyou Cara! they grown up so fast - i know everyone says it over and over but it really is true ♥ thanks for reading ... xoxo

  2. Jamie,

    My daughter is nearly 25. It blows me away as to just how fast the time has gone. She was asking me about her childhood just yesterday, specifically when her seizures started and when did she take which medication. She is also in the Autistic Spectrum and I doubt she'll ever be able to be independent but I pray that, hopefully, one day she'll surprise me. If it was up to me she would still be two.
    Love your blog and Instagram pictures. For some reason, for awhile now, there are photobucket icons all over the page. I didn't know if you were aware of this or not.
    Lucky you to have a Target nearby. We have nothing but Walmart.


    1. hi Maureen! i totally agree! my favorite ages when they were little were 3-5 years ... they could play on their own but we were always together like best buddies ♥ and thanks for mentioning about the photobucket images!! it's been a huge pain, but we've been trying to figure out why it's doing that - some days and on some devices it looks fine then on others it shows up that way ugh :( anyways, have a great day & thankyou for reading! xoxo


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