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Monday, March 4, 2013

crocheted edging pattern ... ♥

hope you're all having a wonderful week so far :)
i've been all over the house these past few weeks
the basement, master bed and my craft room
(still working on my kitchen too!)

my craft space got a little outta hand over the holidays
when creating & packing product for the shop was a priority
now, the aftermath of that has been lingering 
so things are getting moved around, sorted into different bins
or just plain thrown out.

i've also been wanting to add a little somthin' somethin' to the shelves over the sewing desk
and as you can see there is a little bit of an overhang, 
perfect for two-way tape, thumb tacks and something cute ♥

i thought i'd share the pattern with you
it requires basic crochet stitches (so if you're a newbie, you can do this!)

To start your foundation chain, measure the length of your shelves 
(or whatever else you want to apply this to! :)

Crochet Edging Pattern

using a G hook

and some of Martha Stewart's Extra Soft Wool Blend yarn in Buttermilk
Chain the length of your measurement, then turn.

♥ Row 1
dc in second chain from hook
*repeat to the end of the row*

♥ Row 2 
ch 3, turn
skip first stitch (from previous row)
dc in next stitch
ch 1
*repeat to the end of the row*

♥ Row 3  
ch 1, turn
hdc in second chain from hook
dc in next stitch
3 trbl (together) in next stitch
dc in next stitch
hdc in next stitch
slip stitch in next stitch
*repeat to the end of the row*

tie off  & weave in loose ends

here are some close-up's!
i really like how it turned out

i used some double sided adhesive to hang the trim on the inside of the rim

the next morning i came downstairs to find the edging all over the floor...
two-way tape is good, but not good enough
just pop a few flat thumb tacks along the inside every few inches or so
(or hot glue for something a little more permanent)

just a simple little thing can make a big difference
isn't she purdy?? :):)

this is the best room to organize & clean
everything is so bright & colorful, it's hard not to get excited about making stuff!

as you can see though ...
this room was anything but clean at the time of these pictures :)

now go ahead and make some trim!
for a window, a little table or desk... maybe even a lampshade!
oooh, the possibilities :)

happy crafting ♥
sweet parties here:


  1. very pretty! That yarn looks really soft too. I love to crochet but lately all I wanna do is handsew!! LOL I too have been working and organizing in my craft/studio/office/computer room. Must be the time of year!! Woo Hoo I get more creating done when I am clean n organized!! Thanks for sharing!! XOX Love Fran.

  2. What a cute idea. I have never, sadly, learned to crochet- xo Diana

  3. Thank you for the pattern. I really like the trim and your gorgeous shelves!

  4. I love this ~ so pretty! Is is ok to pin this to my crochet board? Thx

  5. Oh, you know I love this!! Such a darling idea!! I will definitely have to make some!! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather

  6. I love it, all is so cute and pretty!!!
    Great job.

  7. So pretty! I wish I knew how to crochet. I'm a knitter but wow is that beautiful!

  8. I love, love this!! So pretty and an adorable touch to it! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern too, I will be making some! :) :) Thanks again! Happy Tuesday! xo Holly

  9. Just lovely!

  10. So cute, Jaime! I can knit, but I'm still teaching myself crochet little bits at a time...I think I'd just rather pay you for the trim for now!!! ; )

  11. if i made this, the yarn would be all over the floor the next day in a crazy heaped up mess-LOL! maybe someday i will learn to crochet but in the meantime, i will just stare at your loveliness here! :)

  12. Very very cute, Jaime! Such a clever idea! I'd never thought about making crochet edging for my shelves but now you got me thinking :-)

  13. I love that you added crochet to your shelves. Your room is so fantastically colorful. Do you just walk in and smile?? I don;t know if I could work in there - I might be too distracted by all the prettiness and colors! ;)

  14. I soooooooooo love this (along with everything else you do). SO pretty!

  15. I'm rather new to your beautiful blog and haven't yet commented, but I have been quietly enjoying your posts.

    I think your crocheted edging is lovely and after visiting your Etsy shop, it is just my humble opinion that this would be a wonderful addition to your shop right alongside all those pretty roses:)

  16. SO sweet. LOVE it. Thanks so much for sharing the instructions. Only wish I had such a great room to use it in!!!

  17. It's all kinds of perfect and springy!!! Great job friend!!!

  18. I enjoy your blog, Jaime, and I love all the great crafty inspiration you share. I made the crochet edging using Martha Stewart wool blend yarn (great yarn BTW) in igloo. But instead of using the edging under a shelf, I put it around a cake stand. I love it! There is a picture on my blog. Thank you for sharing the instructions.

  19. I just love this idea! I am looking at putting up a couple of shelves in my craft/school room and this would be a perfect way to make them so cute! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Hi! I am a big Fan of your Style: I just shared your very very beautiful Craft-Room and the pretty Crochet Edging on my german blog:
    All best from Berlin, Jessica

    1. thank you for the feature Jessica! tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it wouldn't let me :( have a great weekend! ♥

  21. OMG cutest thing ever! I have never heard of anything like this before Jamie. How special and wonderful!

  22. love this. I am new to crochet and I have some pillowcases that my grandma did a similar edging. I have been wanting to try to make my own.
    thanks for sharing.


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