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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

coupon organization ideas & some printables ♥

so let's talk coupons 
such a touchy subject for some, i know 
... if it works for you, great.  if it doesn't then that's great too. 
i started using coupons last year, (as in planning & checking flyers)
and found i really save some money if i stick to it and stayed organized... 
by being able to see which coupons i have and applying them to what is on sale every week

here are some supplies i use to keep everything going with this system ...
sharpies - index cards - post-it tabs
binder, binder labels, binder bands 
(from Staples) (thank you Martha)
and baseball card protectors - not pictured
and of course a super cuter pencil case (from my instagram gal pal here)
(totally not necessary, but way more fun if you have a cute pencil case)

now let me start off by saying i'm not a die-hard couponer
i don't buy things just because they're on sale or because they're free even though we don't use them
 ... and i don't go to 14 thousand stores every week  just to get a bargain. 
i generally shop at Target & our local grocery store, Wegmans
... and i am brand specific. for some things.
when you've found a soap that doesn't irritate your skin or a shampoo that works great for you hair
i think you should be brand specific ... just be smart about buying those particular items when they're on sale, and preferably when they have a coupon circulating ... double savings!

we also have a few heavy duty shelves in our basement that hold over-stock ... 
so when something is on sale and i have a few coupons for it,
 i'll buy 2 or 3 instead of just one since i'm getting the item at such a discounted rate 
(most weeks i buy 2 or maybe 3 newspapers to get extra coupons -
the cost of the paper is minimal compared to what i'm saving on product)

... for instance, we use dove soap, a coupon comes out for dove products once every few months. when it does, it's usually on sale at one of the stores i shop in. so with coupon & sale combined, buying a few boxes will get us through to the next coupon and sale week (most times i always have some left, so i just adjust how many i buy for next time)

i also like to keep a clipboard (hanging on the shelves) with a list of all the products we use and how many we have left ... so when i see that coupon for soap, i can just check the list to see how many are left, and then how many to buy

did you know Target has their own coupons? online... yup!
Target lets you use their coupon combined with the circular coupon! 
(well, they do here anyways :)
and if that item is on sale as well ... it's a huge savings.
i love Target sales... so i take a few extra minutes when i'm making my grocery list, to go check their coupons and see if any can be combined with what i have ... i save a bunch in the end

so back to the binder ...
i started out by making some dividers and printed these on heavy card-stock
and i wanna share them with you!

then used my post-it tabs to label the sides for easy filing
use a 3-hole punch to tuck them into that pretty binder :)

slip a few pages of baseball card protectors in between each divider and you're ready to cut!
some categories have only one or two coupons in them, but i know right where to go when i get to the store and find that the yogurt is on sale this week, even though i didn't see it in the weekly flyer

most of the coupons i use are for food items, paper products & health/beauty supplies
i make some of my own cleaning products, laundry detergent & fabric softener
so i don't have much of a need for cleaning coupons, even though i have a section for them

i also carry a small coupon folder in my purse that holds every day coupons
 (i only bring the binder when i'm doing my major grocery shopping trip)
craft stores, restaurants, or just general shopping coupons are all tucked into this cute little aqua organizer right inside my purse for easy access, or when i'm on a spontaneous lunch date with the hubs and remembered i had a coupon for wherever we're eating (which almost never happens ... i always forget to use my coupons when i'm shopping & having fun ... guess i'm only in coupon mode at the grocery store for some reason :)
(oh, and at the craft store ... i do remember at the craft store
i'm there waaaaay to much to not remember to use coupons on stuff ... oy)

so hear ya go ... this is how i do coupons
i actually thought this was going to be a really simple post
but a lot goes into using coupons ... and trying to decide how much time you want to invest into things based on what the results are, is also important. 

 ... i've found now that i have a bit of a system in place, it's a lot easier to think about using coupons to save on groceries.  once you get into a routine and figure out what works best for you then stick with that ... it might be more couponing, it might be less.  

i also try to meal plan at the same time, which is a whole other long post ... 
a doozy of a post :) but i hope to share that as well ... i'm working on it a little at a time.

my binder system is slowly taking shape :)
they all live on the counter in our kitchen/office area
and i'm currently working the household & meal planning binders

i'm kinda crazy with planners ... i love them ♥ 
and i really big fat heart my Jen Jones planner from here :)
i'll talk about that a little bit in my meal planning post
that i use more like a journal & scrapbook for me

kay, now just for fun ...
 i made you guys a cuteified grocery list
cause planning a trip to the grocery store, with coupons, 
is way more fun with a cute grocery list ... yes. it is.

it actually looks just like everything else i do
notes everywhere, little things here and there ... all over ... random
yup. that's me :)

do you coupon? tell me about it in the comments ... i wanna hear please.
much love ♥ and gladness in my heart
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  1. Great post Jamie. I love your system and your printables! Will be pinning and sharing on FB. THANK YOU!

  2. Thanks Jaime!
    I am staying on top of my coupons, but they currently reside in my Saran Wrap drawer. and I usually forget them!! Cute inspiration helps for sure : )

  3. Such cute stuff. I agree, it's way more fun to do w/ cute stuff. I am trying to get back into the habit of meal-planning & couponing (in moderation, like you), as well as stream-lining everything in prep for the new baby!

    An idea we do for grocery list - since I do most of my shopping at the same store, I created a list of items we typically buy + blank lines in each category, that is arranged in the order of the store aisles. When we run out or I'm prepping to go the store, I just circle the items we need/write in the blank and I"m not hunting all over the store or missing something on the list! But I think I need to make it cuter. :) Thanks for the ideas.

    1. that's such a great idea! i'm always running back and forth between isles! thanks for the tip ♥

  4. What font do you use for the coupons label? So pretty! Oh and thank you for the printables :)

    1. you're so very welcome! that font is called Sacramento :)

  5. That looks great, we don't really have coupons in the UK which is a real shame

  6. Very informative :) thanks for sharing your system, and that CUTE list :) I don't really coupon much. Mainly at craft stores or restaurants. I do buy sale items with the club card to my local store though.

  7. So cute! I am crazy about my binders too. The coupon one is the last to revamp and your post is right on time! Thanks fo r sharing!

  8. Thanks so much for the freebies...adorable, just like everything you do! I do coupon but seem to do it more during the summer than during the school year. I guess because I have so much more time when I'm not teaching...:) I am hoping to get into a routine this summer and stick to it in the fall! Hopefully..:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. i try not to fall behind as well! then i know it'll be that much harder to get everything back on track :( that's kinda where i was the past few months with my couponing ... off track! thanks for the comment Vicky! ♥

  9. Love this post and can't wait for the meal planning post!!!!We have 4 kiddos from 14-2 and I work full time as well I would love any helpful tips on meal planning and some new ideas. I feel like I just rotate the same meals always and want to be more organized!!! Thank you for the adorable printable!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. oh my goodness this is the CUTEST grocery list ever! i am going to laminate it and use dry erase marker to use it over and over again. YAY! :) thanks so much Jaime!

  11. I love it when my favorite crafty bloggers talk about being thrifty as well. Especially in the same ways I am! I dont know if you printed that cereal coupon in color for the pictures, but I found I save money by printing them in black in white in fast draft. it makes the ink last soooo much longer, and the grocery stores accept them. At least all the ones I go to do. I love how pretty you made your folder. its very inspiring. I haven't considered how much more I would enjoy couponing if my folder was as pretty as yours. thanks for the printouts!

  12. Love your binder!! I just have a little coupon book which is very frustrating to find certains coupons when you want them. I'm going to be making one just like yours! It is so fun and cute!! Thanks so much!!

  13. I want to pin this post so others can see it but I cant figure out how to pin it!!! :)

  14. You are so incredibly organized!!! Love all the binders and how you have all the coupons organized! And I love the grocery list printable too!!! So cute!

  15. Ohh I've just fallen in love with your grocery list!! It's so handy, so adorable, sooo ♥
    Thank you for so many good ideas and small goodies that make our life much more crafty!

  16. I can't believe you don't have pinterest buttons!

  17. LOVE this Jaime girl!! and why wouldn't you have a binder just as cute as you for everything!! I need some in orange to keep me rockin!! My husband works at Krogers grocery store and we are blessed to get store coupons and double coupons plus gas points!! I LOVE being frugal and learning more from others that do the same!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  18. Totally adorable, Jamie. I used to be a heavy coupon user and I have fallen out of it. This has inspired me to get back at it. Thanks for sharing and thank you for making it so darn cute. Love it. Love your blog. I might have to share this over at my blog...The House on Hillbrook { :)

  19. Love your binder. How do you categorize your coupons?

  20. Which specific Post it tabs do you use? I can't find them! Thanks!!

    1. they are "Post-it" brand tabs that I found at Target! there are a few colors to choose from and they have a clear adhesive area that sticks to the actual page ... here is a link to a picture

      hope that helps!

  21. I am so obsessed with your blog. I love this idea especially since I really want to start to coupon now that I have a baby on the way. I really wish I knew how to make the dividers to add a baby section. Thank you for sharing all this amazing stuff.

  22. This is VERY Helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  23. I love your ideas! Do you happen to have a blank template for the coupon dividers? I would love to be able to fill one in myself.Thank you for sharing

  24. I love your grocery list, it's so adorable. Your blog is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  25. What font do you use to create the binder dividers? {soap} {coupons

  26. Love these printables so much. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  27. I love this sooo much. I've already printed and put to work in my binder. I was curious if you could possibly change a few for me? Or if you know a trick to edit them to work a little better for my needs. Thank you for making this far all of us couponers in the making! :]

  28. Very nice article, I enjoyed reading your post, very nice share,


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