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Friday, February 21, 2014

a winter wreath. winter break. and a little insta ♥

this is it
that time of year
when the cold, snow and lack of sun starts to get to me
like its gets really gloomy

this week is winter recess for my girls
so we've been home ... just relaxing. and not relaxing.
a combination of both.

the wreath was easy to make no tutorial necessary
just make a huge boat load of pom poms 
and hot glue them to one of those floral wreath forms 
add some ribbon and hang. that's all.

i just wanted to pop in to say hello
was thinking about all you guys
and how i'm blessed by you
blessed that you read my little blog
that you follow along here
it means a bunch of bunches to me.

i'm still working on
my crochet mood blanket project
but i really wanted to make this hat for my littlest little ...

this is a rug
it's happy
so there CAN be happiness in a rug
oh you agree? yes. thank you.

still goin strong with the diy Bisquick kick
here's my original post but i've modified the recipe a few times
and i need to update that post
here are the ingredients i use now in case you want to try it :)

6 c.flour - 1/4 c. baking powder - 2 tbsp. sugar - 1 tsp. salt - 1 c. cold butter
add the dry ingredients in your food processor and pulse until all combined
cut cold butter into chunks and add to the processor 
pulse until butter is in small crumbs and incorporated
i store ours in a sealed glass jar in the pantry ... we use it up so quickly!
my fam loves pancakes & biscuits

my peeps also love my little ponies
well 2 out of the 3 of my peeps
even though the hubs is so compliant when it comes to our pony obsession 
that i'd consider that a type of pony love. hehe

have you seen?? go look!

 valentines day is big around here
well i make it big. i love it.
it must be all the hearts or something
i dunno
not that i like hearts all that much or anything.

heart lunches, heart dishes ...
yeah it's big
made some oatmeal butterscotch cookies for the hubs.
delivered them right to work
with some starbucks on the side

we made this garland in honor of the olympics starting and it was so so so much fun! 
we learned a bunch about which flags belong to which country 
and why they look the way they do ... a book from the library (or google)
and some colored paper is all you need!

are you guys lovin the olympics?
the girls love the figure skating
i love the half pipe snowboarder girls
the ones who rock the side braids

kinda like this day
when i was rockin a side braid. aaaaaand the sun was out
the sun never shows up around here

 the other cool thing about the olympics is that they're in Russia
and nesting dolls are Russian
and there are lotsa cute nesting doll crafts
all over Pinterest
 see how i just made the olympics crafty like that?

made these crocheted dolls a few years ago the pattern is from here

here's a few things i still want to make in honor of the olympics
(they're almost over? that doesn't matter) (shush.)

some days have been so so good
some days have been so raw
and hard.
this past week i was really struggling with self-worth
 believing i am worthy
worthy to be pursued
no one likes to feel un-pursued
decided the pursuing needed to start with me taking action
instead of wallowing in my unmet expectations
which i find myself so often doing.
a victim of my own miserable unmet expectations 
i set myself up.
and it sucks.
the Lord specifically spoke quietly to my heart 
(at 2am when i could not find rest or sleep at all which is so unlike me)
that He will meet all my needs & expectations
once i place those into His care & trust
i'll no longer place that unattainable burden on my husband
but it's so hard to do
cause he's here. present. in front of me. the physical.
and i love him so very much
but my Savior is seen and felt by faith 
by trust
it's the spiritual. the non-tangible part of me that i so often don't want to tap into 
for that feeling of worthiness
but that's the true source. it won't come from anywhere or anyone else
why is this so hard... i struggle
but then there's this

psalm 139.
it tells me that He made all the delicate, inner parts of my body

    and knit me together ... He saw me before I was born.

    Every day of my life was recorded in His book.

Every moment was laid out
    before a single day had passed.
How precious are your thoughts about me O God 

that's all.

my first ever craft show!
and it was so so fun! i have a whole bunch of pictures to show
that'll be for a separate post soon
but that is my hottie back there behind the table :) he helped me set up
manned the cash box and was so supportive of the whole day.
he's so supportive of anything i dream up really.
and i really love him

out-grown my little pony shirts turned hoop art :)
thinkin of taking some custom orders for this kind of thing
just trying to figure out logistics for it ... hmmm

everything's better in a heart. even marshmallows

 my studio was all cleaned and ready for craft night. it's never clean.
like really never.

more wife after God & cute hearts from here

so back to the wreath...
it's super fun
and it's winter-ish
but maybe i need to put a spring-ish wreath up now
go away winter.
we're all set with all your snow n everything
no really. i insist
we're good

happy weekend guys
linking up here ♥


  1. How adorable is that wreath?!? Love your creativity and love for your Lord and family. Press on, Sweets! Thanks for transparent heart and crazy crafty spirit!
    xo- susan

  2. Love all that you are doing and sharing Jaime!! God honors you for sharing with others. I am still reading "Jesus Calling" just started right over!! Boy the other day God gave me a message I needed so much!! I always need Him to show me or hit me hard on the head! til I get it!! I love the up cycled my little pony hoops! Great ideal get those logistics going little missy!! LOL Your craft studio is always amazing!! And isn't amazing how much cuteness you can make from pom poms? I saw some on a branch in a vase on pinterest and then some as single flowers in a canning jar!! Just pure LUV!! oh then there are the groovey garlands too!! Endless LUV!! LOL XOXO Love ya Fran.

  3. What a beautiful rug? Do you mind sharing where it came from?

  4. I just loved this post!!...but wait, I love all of your posts... and that craft room!!!! oh my!!! ...and your handwriting!!!

    ...can I just be you? ;)

  5. Love the post!! Great encouragement and Scripture!!

  6. I have been following you for a while now and I just LOVE all your posts!! And your love for the Lord is SO encouraging, thank you!! I'm an aspiring crafter and seeing someone who is so open about their faith is encouraging!! God bless you!! I am looking forward to reading about the craft fair you participated in!!

  7. Yes me too! I love to visit you, so much encourage and crafts!
    God bless you!
    & nu då?


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