trash to treasure ... decoupaged trinket box ♥

It's me!
hope you all had a wonderful 4th ♥

my girls have been at summer camp this week that's put on through their school
tons of fun they're havin' :)

i've mentioned before (i think)
that i love garage sales
i don't just love them
i luuuuuuuuurve them
when it's summer time i see no need for Target to even be open
'cause it's garage sale season

and what i love most is finding something that looks like it's beyond it's years of use
and turning it into something usable, and something you love!
so i've been doing a lot of that lately
taking old things and making them new ♥

it started out like this...
lotsa potential :)

a little Mod Podge and some pretty paper ... i had a hard time narrowing down the choices!

it holds all the little tags and scraps for the shop...
i love how it helps keep even the small things organized

this vintage 3M tape dispenser was not from a garage sale, but was my grandpa's :)
he was a wonderful artist, he worked most of his life painting and making signs...
he was very talented
i could kick myself for forgetting to take a before picture
it was dirty & rusty in some spots ... nothing a nice coat of spray paing couldn't fix
i added some pretty paper to each side for some print
i love that i have something from his studio, now in mine ♥

speaking of the shop...
i'm getting super close to being ready to open! 
and this is what sat in my front foyer a couple days ago...

shipping & packaging supplies for Sugar 'n Spice
seriously guys...
i did a little happy dance
with the front door open
it actually felt official :)

any good trash to treasure finds? please share!

much love ♥

... in Your presence is Fullness of joy... 
psalm. sixteen. eleven.

sweet parties here ... ♥

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  1. How exciting! A friend from our old church moved back to Rochester a year or two ago. It seems like a great place to live. :)

  2. Oh-it looks like you are off to a good start- How exciting- xo Diana

  3. Love the paper you chose, Jaime. This little crate looks great with its new purpose. With all those sections it makes for a wonderful craft supply holder. Love the tape dispenser. I haven't seen one of those in a few years. My father-in-law and hubby had one in their repair shop years ago. It would definitely come in handy now when I'm wrapping up my Etsy purchases. I always seem to be short one hand and the plastic Scotch dispenser doesn't always cooperate!

  4. Very cute idea! And the tape dispenser is soooooo great. Xoxo.

  5. Very cute idea! And the tape dispenser is soooooo great. Xoxo.

  6. Absolutely darling. I am sitting here anxiously waiting to see your shop. Best to you as you set up. Enjoy all the summer days with your girls. Smiles...Renee

  7. aaackkkkk - i'm smitten with this project - gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

  8. I'm garage sale obsessed too!!! I spent my morning at some community sales and picked up all kinds of goodies including an old teal singer sewing machine (that works beautifully), and old brass bed for a garden trellis and bunches of goodies to repurpose! My hubby just shakes his head anymore! Glad to see I'm not the only one loving this time of year! Can't wait till your shop opens Jaime! :)

    ~Amanda <3

  9. Great project! Love the striped paper choice! :)

  10. ooo ooo ooo!!!! somewhere in the mist of all my stuff i have a little cute box like that! :) will SO be doing this!

    I cant wait so see your shop darling!! I could just imagine how Gorgeous it will be! :) EEPP!!

    Blessings and Hug!!!

  11. What a great project! I would love for you to link this up to my new link party.
    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  12. What a great idea Jamie, charming!!! Clarice

  13. I've been perusing your site for the last hour and I have to say that everything you do is just beautiful!! Seriously! And your photos are stunning :) Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog......happily following yours!
    Brooke @ Design Stash

    1. thank you Brooke!
      means so much! i'm glad you're here :) thank you for the sweet words! and for following :)
      ♥ much love to you

  14. I want to do it by myself.Of course, you can also find some ideas on it's useful for you.


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