hi...i'm Jaime ♥

i'm so honored you're here...
let's have tea ♥

i guess i'm a little bit of this and a little bit of that...
blessed with the privilege of raising two girls  
and at the same time learning how to walk with God 
to become the woman He would have me to be.

i don't think i've met a craft i don't like ♥
my love for handmade probably started when i was a little girl
my mom would give me her old Good Housekeeping magazines
i would cut and glue pictures onto construction paper
i thought for sure that would be my job someday...
a professional picture cutter-outter-gluer-on-paper person

random facts about me:
♥ i love tea (see above)
♥ i do not like capital letters or punctuation 
(they're not cute) 
(oh, and i didn't say i don't use them ... i just said i don't like them)
(don't wanna get anybody's panties in a twist or anything)
♥ i love to sing
♥ i'm not an animal person at all...
(unless it's a cute owl somewhere on scrapbook paper)
♥ i always add more stuff in parenthesis after i'm done writing something
(see above)
♥ i have no sisters...but lots of cousins :)
♥ i love round corners
...i have a corner rounder punch thingy and i use it on everything!
♥ i'm addicted to Chic-fil-a, even though it's not anywhere remotely near me
♥ if you ask me what my favorite color is, i'll always say the rainbow
(much to my daughters' dismay)
♥ my parents were missionaries
♥  i used to speak French...fluently
♥ i'm a little ADD
(I have 14 projects goin' at once)
(at all times)
(see parenthesis note above)
♥ i am searched & known by a Savior who gave His life for me...psalm 139
i am an unworthy sinner
redeemed by a Sweet Savior
fearfully & wonderfully made by an Almighty God
beloved of the King 

...and so are you ♥

come on...let's make stuff together, it'll be fun :)

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