burlap & book pages trim ... ♥

sometimes it's the simple things that just make me happy :)
like this little spool of trim ... know what i mean? 
come on, let's make stuff :)

sound of music should be playing in your head right now :) 
i just love gathering a pretty little dish full of goodies
then seeing where the creative in me decides to go 

~ cut & fold ~

~ sew ~

~ trim ♥ ~ 

during my garage sale outings this summer i found this old flour sifter ...

a little spray paint, some trim we just made, and some other pretty things :)
now it holds my sharpies

what else could you put in a made-over flour sifter? 

much loves to you!
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  1. I love this so much! It's brilliant and adorable.


  2. i am astonished at your ability to blingify old stuff!!! ~*S*~

  3. Jaime.....perfection. I love it. The hills are alive with this piece for sure. Another piece I have to copy...smiles...Renee

  4. Lovely! What a great mix of textures on your newly painted garage sale find!

  5. SO pretty! I love the mix of burlap and book pages :)

  6. So lovely!! I will have to try this!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  7. Just found your blog and am now following! What a easy and simple craft!! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Lovely trim --- what a great idea to combine the book pages with the burlap!

  9. Hi Jamie,
    just found your blog after seeing it on Where women create". Love what you have done with the old flour sifter..❤


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