monogram stationery gift ... ♥

happy Friday ♥
i'm hangin' out with Kim over at Everything Etsy today ...
making a very fun project that would fit nicely on your holiday gift giving list
(that i know you're workin' on as we speak :):)
head on over and say hello!

gladness in my ♥


  1. I miss doing crafts with friends. So now I do them with my granddaughters. Which is fun but lots of clean up :):) Smiles to you, Susie

  2. I seriously want to come and play at your house! Another great idea. Have a wonderful weekend. Patty

  3. my bday is in march... im so happy you have a head start on my gift. ;) Love it!!

  4. What do you use to glue down the cupcake liners... I just tried with elmers glue and it was a fail. lol


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