behind the scenes ... ♥

what a day :)
I wanted to share some behind the scenes pictures of the day of the shoot!

i'm just so grateful to have had this opportunity to be in Better Homes & Gardens! wow!
and to experience a fun two days full of styling, wardrobe, and photo taking :)

a big thank you to Kit Selzer ~ Senior Remodeling & Projects Editor
for offering me the opportunity to have my room grace the pages of  BHG! right?!
how fun were these ladies ... they were super cool, down to earth, and just made the day so so fun ... i'll always remember it :) forever and ever ... and ever :):)

an amazing stylist and practically famous ... she's the brains behind bringing everything together, and making every detail perfect.

a wonderfully talented photographer who made the whole day fun and comfortable 
{even when you feel self conscious and have to do silly things to take pictures :)}
she's amazing at what she does!

it's amazing how much work goes into shooting just one room ... even just shooting a few small details requires a lot of thought, process, and equipment .. and these girls were so fun to observe, and maybe, just maybe i absorbed a little bit of their knowledge just by watching them work?? :)

photography & lighting stuff went up everywhere ... it was exciting to watch everything unfold ... a very tedious process of taking photos, examining the details, the lighting, making sure everything is just so :)

the outside of my house looked crazy! 
my mom said it looked exciting as she came driving up to the house...
like either the paparazzi was here, or the police... um mmm'kay?
wonderin' what the passer-byers thought {heehee}

after a crazy few weeks, i think layin' low these next few days just sounds nice :)
be back soon! and thanks to all of YOU! who were so excited and lovin' on me with such sweet comments ... 
i appreciate you so!

the pictures will be in the February issue, but will be on new-stands in January
i'm so excited i can't even stand it ... thanks again BHG crew! you guys put so much gladness in this girl's heart ♥


  1. Jaime , I get BH&G and I'll be so excited to see your photos. Smiles to you, Susie

  2. This is so dang exciting for you! Can't wait to see the shots in January!

  3. SO amazing!!! Ahhh, I can't wait to buy it! I may need to send it to you for an autograph :)

  4. So exciting!! I can't wait to see you in BH&G!! Congrats!!

  5. Such a gorgeous studio. Glad you had fun ; )

  6. Yay for you! What a pay off for your hard work

  7. Thanks for the behind the scenes! I'm so so so excited for you!

  8. That is so exciting for you!! I I love the BTS pictures! I work in TV and yep, the outside of your house looks just as if a TV or Film crew were in there. We don't really know how to do things on a small scale! ;)

    Congrats again - can't wait to see the BHG issue!
    - Claire :)

  9. SO exciting! Even though I already said it on Instagrammy, a big, huge congrats to you... What an amazing opportunity! I seriously cannot even WAIT to see the magazine in January! Yay!! : )

  10. oh my gosh!
    I am so behind!!

    AHHH!! They did it!! YAY!! Can you send me a signed copy?! ;D

  11. Wow! How exciting!! Lucky you!!

  12. So exciting I can't wait to grab a copy! Congrats!Yippee thanks for sharing your behind the scenes. Theresa @


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